Airdrop Arbitrum ARB Where to sell

Airdrop Arbitrum (ARB) – Where to sell?

If you came here, you probably received an Arbitrum airdrop and you are wondering where to sell ARB. Many different cryptocurrency exchanges have already listed this token, so there is no problem with taking profits.

Where to sell Arbitrum (ARB)?

At the moment, Arbitrum (ARB) can be sold on at least several reputable, large cryptocurrency exchanges. Here is their list:

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  • (5th largest exchange in the world – claim the Bybit bonus)
  • (4th largest exchange in the world)

Airdrop Arbitrum – Who can pick up?

If you haven’t already done so, you can check if you are eligible for the Arbitrum airdrop on official website Arbitration Foundation. Just connect your wallet. Then you will see the number of tokens you can collect.

Many factors were considered when determining user eligibility. For example, has he transferred funds to Arbitrum One, has traded in two separate months, completed more than four trades or interacted with more than four different smart contracts, completed transactions exceeding $10,000 in total value, transferred funds to Arbitrum Nova, etc. The snapshot of eligible users was taken on February 6, 2023.

airdrop arbitrum where to sell

Airdrop Arbitrum is 12.75 percent of the total supply of ARB tokens. Some of the tokens will go to the Arbitrum Foundation and DAO, and the rest will be gradually distributed among the community.

Arbitrum says the purpose of the ARB token is to decentralize the network and allow the community to exercise control over Arbitrum’s ecosystem and technology. Airdrop and DAO are just two of many plans to give all subcommunities a voice.

Additionally, all investor and team tokens are subject to a four-year lock. The first unlock will be in one year, and for the remaining three years, ARBs will be unlocked monthly.

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