Binance introduces the USDTPLN pair

Binance introduces the USDT/PLN pair

Are you wondering how to buy Tether (USDT) for Polish zlotys? So far it has been quite a complicated process. It involved currency conversion, and thus commissions in the form of a spread. Now, however, the situation has become much simpler. The largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world – Binance, introduced because the USDT/PLN trading pair. From now on, you can easily buy USDT for Polish zlotys!

It is worth mentioning here that Binance has already added BTC/PLN, ETH/PLN and BUSD/PLN pairs earlier on the occasion of establishing cooperation with the payment company ZEN and enabling Poles to make direct deposits in PLN. However, USDT/PLN is a complete novelty that takes trade to the Polish zloty to a completely different level. USDT is currently the largest and most liquid stablecoin on the cryptocurrency market.

How to buy Tether for PLN?

To buy USDT for PLN on Binance, you first need to have a verified account. To set it up, go to and click the button “Create an account”. Then enter your email address or phone number. phone and verify it by entering the 6-digit code you received. After all, log in to your account and pass the KYC verification by sending a photo of your ID card and taking a selfie.

Once logged in, go to the tab Spot or click on this link and you will be redirected to the right place. Search for the USDT/PLN pair in the search engine on the right.

usdt/pln on Binance
USDT/PLN pair on

And that’s it. You can now open your first USDT/PLN order on Binance. If you don’t know how, check out our other guide: Binance reviews.

New pair promotions

In addition to adding another trading pair to the Polish zloty, Binance also organized a number of promotions. Interestingly, this time they are also aimed at traders with smaller volumes – they also have a good chance of winning. In the case of competition no. 1, Binance is offering the first 50 users who exceed USD 400 in USDT/PLN volume a USDT 5 token voucher. However, this promotion runs from April 14 to May 5, and rewards can be earned daily (once per user per day).

In the case of the second promotion, users who achieve the highest trading volume in the new pair during the promotion have a chance to share the prize pool of USDT 1,750. The person who processes the highest value trades will win 1000 USDT. Second and third place on the podium will have to settle for USDT 500 and USDT 250 respectively.

Why is it worth trading crypto for PLN on Binance?

So, you might ask, why is it worth using Binance to trade crypto against Polish zlotys? There are at least a few reasons for this:

  • Binance is the largest cryptocurrency exchange, and thus has the highest liquidity. This means spreads will be low and you will have no problem buying or selling assets.
  • Binance is a secure exchange. It is backed by a number of security specialists and offers the best possible security.
  • Binance is not just trading, but an entire ecosystem. This platform offers everything from the NFT market, through P2P trading, through futures contracts and the Binance card, to the mining pool. You can access each of these products with just one Binance account.
  • The exchange offers trading in Polish zlotys not only in relation to Tether, but also Bitcoin, Ethereum or BUSD.
  • The platform has established cooperation with the ZEN payment application. By connecting it to Binance, you can make PLN deposits almost instantly, with just a few mouse clicks.

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