Curious About the Top-Paying Jobs in New Zealand?

If you are looking for high-paying careers in New Zealand, this article will provide you with valuable insights. The job market is constantly evolving, and some industries offer better compensation packages than others. In this article, we will highlight three of the highest paying jobs in New Zealand, providing you with information on the average salaries and qualifications required for these positions. Whether you are considering a career change or want to explore new opportunities, this article will guide you towards lucrative job options in the country.

Hi how’s it going everyone my name is hank and welcome back to the channel now recently a news article came out saying that there has been a record-breaking number of jobs being listed for a fifth consecutive month here in new zealand mostly in the area of trades manufacturing transport and logistics

Information and technology so this got me wondering what are the top paying jobs and positions in new zealand if you’re just starting a new career so should you be finding a new career and stick around till the end of the video where i look at where you can find

Jobs that pay at more than two hundred thousand dollars per year and whether it is even worth going to university and the answer may surprise you let’s start off by looking at the top paying sectors for new recruits the average income in new zealand sits at around fifty thousand dollars per

Year as of early 2021 and these top paying sectors that i’m going to be talking about definitely pay a significantly more than that now here are the top earning sectors in new zealand for new job seekers in increasing order at number four we have the business sector with the banking the finance and

Insurance earning more than 60 thousand dollars per year on average now with more experience and bonuses you may be looking at earning more than a hundred thousand dollars per year at number three we have engineering with a salary from over 62 000 per year on average now although if you become a

Senior project manager in the future you can easily earn over a hundred thousand dollars per year as well at number two we have the medical field with graduates averaging more than sixty four thousand dollars per year the medical field cover many uh different roles including doctors nurses and

Caretakers and many others now doctors dentists and medical specialists tend to earn significantly more than nurses or long-term caregivers now one important thing to note is that the tuition cost for medical students can be up to twice the amount of students doing other degrees so you are

Essentially digging a big hole of debt before you even start your first job if you decide to do medicine now before we get into what number one is let’s look at the lowest earning degree and that is performing arts now new graduates in that field earn a

Measly uh 47 000 per year and that is even lower than the average income in new zealand look i know people make fun of arts degrees but stats do show that they simply don’t earn as much as other degrees okay at number one we have information technology now the average graduate

Salary is around 65 000 but average salary for the entire sector is closer to 90 000 per year with many positions easily going over a hundred thousand dollars per year not only that idea is actually one of the cheaper degrees that you can get so basically if

Your goal was to maximize your money return it is by far the best choice there but to be fair you do have to be decent at the job now if you’re after a real payday of over two hundred thousand dollars per year what kind of jobs should you be looking for

According to uh the job listing data from seek the top three sectors for 200k plus jobs include 17 from i.t 13 from the medical field and 13 from construction now these top three sectors cover more than a third of the 200k jobs of the actual roles itself int management medical specialist and

Construction management covers the three top positions now in terms of where those high paying jobs are located more than 56 percent are from auckland 20 from wellington and 7 from christchurch so auckland is pretty much your best bet for finding a job that’s over uh 200 k per year

I’ll include the links to these articles in the descriptions below now the next thing i wanted to find out was that can you earn more by going into alternatives to university such as trades and apprenticeships now university degree puts you in a big hole of debt but what

If you started earning almost straight away here is a graph of the medium annual income comparing if you take the path of going to trades when you first turn 19 or going to university now if you go to university your earnings will only start to pick up after you’re finishing your degree

The main takeaway here is that if you go into trades you start earning a higher salary early on but the salary increases at a slower pace compared to if you go to uni first but even after 10 years after turning 19 most uni graduates still haven’t caught

Up to the person that started their career in trades now if you are not doing one of the high earning a uni subjects you’ll be in your mid 30s before both earn the same amount if we look at the cumulative total earnings the difference is even more significant now if you start an

Apprenticeship at 19 you could be out earning people that went to uni by more than 150 000 by the time you both reach 29. now this is not even accounting for the fact that people that go to uni tend to have to pay off a higher student

Loan furthermore you can even invest the money that you earned early and start getting the benefits of compound interest as someone that personally went to uni i honestly don’t think that uni is necessary for everyone now if you’re interested in doing scientific research or engineering or health science or law

You would definitely need a university degree but i would argue that for many of the other things you probably don’t even need an actual degree to do the overall takeaway from all this is that if a high-earning job is one of your main priorities and you do want to go to uni

You want to work in a sector where there’s lots of money that is going in which are the business the engineering health science and the i.t sectors and stay away from arts not saying that art is not important it just doesn’t earn as much as the other subjects

Alternatively you can also earn lots of money by going into trade school or take up an apprenticeship now in that situation you can almost start investing whatever you have left over immediately now if you’re able to manage money well in the long run you can even out earn

People that do go to university

The article discusses the highest paying jobs in New Zealand. It provides information on the industries that offer high salaries and highlights the top job positions in those industries. The article also emphasizes the importance of skills and qualifications in securing these lucrative job opportunities. Overall, it serves as a comprehensive guide for individuals seeking information on the highest paying jobs in New Zealand.

1. Industries offering high salaries in New Zealand are identified, providing a helpful resource for individuals looking for lucrative job opportunities.
2. The article highlights the top job positions in these high-paying industries, enabling readers to focus on specific roles that offer the highest salaries.
3. Emphasis is placed on the importance of skills and qualifications, suggesting that acquiring relevant expertise is crucial for securing the highest paying jobs in New Zealand.

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