Discover 7 Altcoins With 2023 Price Predictions

In the ever-evolving world of cryptocurrency, it’s always wise to stay ahead of the curve. Altcoins are a popular choice for investors looking to diversify their portfolio. In this article, I’ll be sharing my top seven altcoin picks for 2023 with price predictions. From high-growth potential to innovative technology, these coins are definitely worth considering.

– These altcoins have been carefully selected based on their potential to outperform the market in the next few years.
– Each coin has a unique selling point and offers something different to the market.
– Investors looking to diversify their portfolio and add some high-potential altcoins to their holdings should consider these picks.

Today I’m sharing what I think will be the seven top winners of the next crypto bull run with hundreds of projects to choose from I found the highest quality projects that have massive upside potential if you want to know what I’m buying now for the next Bull cycle then

Keep watching welcome back to the virtual bacon Channel where I teach you how to build walls in crypto beer markets are the perfect time to find the winners for the next Bull cycle the hype around projects are quiet letting us focus on who’s really building and shipping quality projects for the next

Bull cycle I see four big narratives playing out let me introduce them first then we will dive deep into each one with our top picks first is the dominance of ethereum and its layer 2 ecosystem every project and blockchain uses ethereum related technology today ethereum has the clearest road map to

Mass adoption and its ecosystem will dominate the market share once ethereum becomes scalable with the full implementation of ethereum 2.0 and layer 2’s it’s game over for its competitors number two is interoperability the crypto space will not be on a single blockchain as different chains are designed to solve specific problems

These Chains all need to communicate with each other not only to send assets across chains but also opens up more advanced applications that runs on multiple chains number three is modular blockchains modular blockchains are a new way to build blockchains by separating the data storage layer with the execution layer this makes

Blockchains much more customizable for your application’s specific needs lots of projects are exploring this direction as the next generation of blockchains and number four is non-financial use cases for blockchain technology we’ve all seen the potential of D5 and other Financial related applications of the blockchain now some projects are

Changing the way we use the internet and social media with the help of blockchain’s decentralization Technology okay these are the four main narratives that I’ll be focusing on in this video and the list I’m about to give you is made up of the seven best coins that go

With these narratives let’s let’s get started the top pick for my next Bull Run is ethereum ethereum is the king of all coins and I think it provides the best combination of upside potential and ability to survive as a quick recap the ethereum virtual machine is a network of

Distributed computers that’s used to run blockchains the UVM dominates Financial use cases and smart contracts so if D5 nfts and smart contracts continue to survive ethereum will as well while lots of altcoins are perform ethereum for certain periods of time a lot of these projects are still at risk of Fading

Into Oblivion and sorry to break it to you but stats show most projects are more likely to fail than not ethereum isn’t just another coin that comes and goes with cycles and that’s why you see it in all quality portfolios in the last cycle ethereum did a 4dx from 100 to

Four thousand dollars as valuations gets bigger it’s hard to see these kinds of returns again but here’s why I think ethereum can still do really well for the next cycle we now have ethereum 2.0 which was the first big step to improving the ethereum user experience for mainstream adoption last cycle

Ethereum was super congested with transactions costing over a hundred dollars in this cycle we saw the advancements of side chains and layer twos which provides a similar experience but much cheaper transaction fees on top of that transactions can even be settled within just a few seconds instead of a

Minute like on the main ethereum Network this makes it much more comparable to user experiences of traditional web 2 application going into the next cycle in 2023 ethereum will continue to see speed and cost improvements thanks to ethereum 2.0 sharding will be coming sometime in 2024 which separates the main ethereum

Network into different shards based on their intended use cases this will further improve the usability of the network on top of this layer 2s are becoming much more common in place and we’re starting to see both traditional companies and Retail users adopt the layer twos in order to use ethereum

There is simply no second best for ethereum’s Network effects most crypto users use some form of ethereum wallet and most crypto developers develop on the evm technology it’s now clear that ethereum will become massively scalable in the future the only question is when another benefit of ethereum 2.0 is that

Eth issuance was cut down by over 90 percent combined with the token burning mechanism of eip1559 more eth are burned every day now than there are new youth created this has truly made ethereum a deflationary token so this means that as network activity increases more eth will be burned further decreasing the East

Supply as ethereum 2.0 is the biggest upgrade ever to the protocol I’d expect many large players to still be skeptical about its New Economic design therefore I don’t think the deflationary nature and the 10 plus staking yield is priced in just yet as more and more time goes

On into the first half of 2023 people will start to see the stability of ethereum 2.0 the longer time goes on the less risky it becomes for ethereum 2.0 to fail and the more Capital will be slowly deployed into ethereum to take advantage of its deflationary nature and

Staking rewards I expect the full effects of East 2.0 to kick in a year after the merge in mid-2023 which makes the current time an incredible opportunity to accumulate at today’s price of twelve hundred dollars ethereum still has a massive potential to grow until the next cycle if we assume eth

Can reach a new all-time high that’s 2x the previous high in 2021 that gives us a rough Target of ten thousand dollars this will be about 8X from where we are today I think we can use this as the base case for all other altcoins if they cannot outperform the 8X potential of

Ethereum they would not be worth it ultimately I’m holding ethereum because I believe it’s scalability issues will eventually get fixed through sharding ethereum 2.0 and layer twos and its Network effects now are unquestionable speaking of layer twos they are definitely here to stay which brings me

To my next pick polygon if there’s a layer 2 token to hold its polygons Matic token right now polygon is the leading layer 2 scaling solution for ethereum and as ethereum continues to dominate the decentralized application space it’s clear that polygon will continue to write the same adoption wave if you’re

Unfamiliar layer 2 Solutions are used by blockchains to batch thousands of transactions into one in order to reduce feasts and congestion of the network another Plus for polygon is that unlike other layer 2 scaling Solutions polygon supports all type of layer 2 Technologies whether it’s pure OS side

Chain optimistic roll up DK roll-up app chains privacy chain or whatever new technology that emerges in the future it’s clear that polygons approach is to latch on to the ethereum layer 2 narrative and adapt to whichever technology that ends up being the winning solution this makes them extremely flexible and highly likely to

Survive in the long run during the last ball cycle when ethereum transactions got out of hand many turn to polygon because it was the first and most widely adopted layer 2 solution polygon has recently made the news for its ability to bridge brand name companies into web 3. they’ve proven their top-notch

Business development team Landing Partnerships with Starbucks meta and even Reddit in terms of price performance Matic was arguably the best performer in the last cycle shooting up from two cents all the way to three dollars a 150x increase however Matic is a top 10 coin now so it’s unrealistic to

Expect that same results since polygon is part of the ethereum narrative it needs to outperform eth in order to be worth investing in so to outperform ease by even 50 percent Matic needs to go up 12x by the next Bull Run Peak this puts Matic at a 10 price and a 70 billion

Dollar evaluation this is quite a big ask so while I expect both coins to perform well I still think ethereum’s price could be more undervalued than polygon currently ultimately my Approach is to watch the layer 2 space and see which network is seeing real adoption and has the most upside based on their

Valuations while polygon is the leader in the space right now some highly notable competitors are popping up such as arbitrim optimism and ZK sync I’m about to drop a video breaking down all the layer twos so make sure to subscribe for that moving on for my next pick I’m

Venturing out of the ethereum ecosystem into the cosmos the cosmos ecosystems strives to be the internet of blockchains and offers A New Perspective on scalability and interoperability the atom token is the native token of the cosmos Hub which is one of the 50 blockchains in the cosmos ecosystem all

Blockchains in the cosmos are known as app chains and if you’re not familiar app chains are applications that are built as their own native blockchain instead of an application on an existing layer 1. the next major difference of the cosmos is app chains can communicate via something called inter blockchain

Communication or IBC IBC is an alternative to Bridges and allows assets to be sent from one blockchain to another while reducing the risk of Mega Bridge hacks that have become way too common and while the cosmos technology has had a ton of adoption since 2018 its tokenomics has been hurting the token

Price for many years atom is the native token of the cosmos ecosystem and atom staking has been inflating the token by 10 to 20 percent per year and doesn’t have a capped Supply and back in the days Adam Tolkien had no real utility within the cosmos technology however the

Reason it’s one of my top picks for 2023 is because the tokenomics has been completely changed for the better with atom 2.0 atom 2.0 focuses on aligning the adoption of Cosmos with atom price growth they aim to reduce the inflation down to around one percent per year a

Significant change from 10 before the cosmos Hub will also be adopting a technology called interchange security which I think will change the game for the atom token interchange security allows new applications to build their own chain on top of the cosmo stack and borrow the security and validator set of

The main Cosmos Hub this means new chains can create their own blockchain and their token without securing their own network and having a large amount of stakers the chains who use this security feature will have to pay a fee to the cosmos Hub these fees will then go to

Atom stakers so if you stake atom you will not only earn atom rewards but also the native coins of all the chains that choose to build on Cosmos and use this interchange security so far most Cosmos native projects have committed to using interchange security and most notably circled the issuer of the usdc

Stablecoin is also committed to using the technology in order to bring usdc to the cosmos ecosystem looking at atoms price since the last cycle atoms surged from five dollars to forty dollars for an 8X growth a respectable return but definitely not fulfilling its full potential most layer ones that came

After Cosmos with a much smaller Vision had even achieved 30 to 40x returns so atom definitely underperformed personally I think atom deserves to be a top 10 coin at the peak of the 2021 Market top 10 coins had a valuation of over 50 billion dollars so this is my

Optimistic Target for atom by the next Bull Run Peak this translates to 160 dollars per coin as a price Target my next top altcoin pick is chain link I know what you’re thinking why chain link it’s so old and nobody is talking about it now but that’s precisely why I think

Link could make a massive comeback most people still think chain link is only an oracle solution but in 2022 link has been heavily moving in the interoperability space with their ccip protocol chain link ccip or cross-chain interoperability protocol is very different from the Legacy Cosmos or polka dot model as it only connects

Existing blockchains but doesn’t require them to be tied down in a closed ecosystem this design is the future of interoperability Solutions we’ve seen how chain link was quick to deploy their Oracle to every chain and become the number one Oracle provider for the entire D5 space this clearly shows that

Their team is capable of penetrating the market and even become a monopoly my hope is for them to integrate the interoperability solution for all blockchains this will allow every blockchain to connect with each other with chain link as the default interoperability solution just like how they became the default Oracle solution

Another plus 4 Link is its deep recognition in the D5 space every major D5 protocol uses chain link oracles and integrates the link token in its products therefore if we get another D5 hypewave link is also likely to follow that wave just like in D5 summer of 2020. looking at its price performance

Link flew under the radar in the 2021 bull market mainly because their hype wave came early in 2020. chain Link’s previous all-time high is 50 if we assume link can move into the top 10 to top 20 coin ranks by the next Bull cycle that puts Link at a peak value

Evaluation of 30 to 40 billion dollars which translates to a price target of sixty to eighty dollars next on the list we have the open network and the tong coin the open network is a blockchain made by telegram a globally accessible messaging platform that’s used by pretty

Much everyone in crypto if you haven’t been in crypto for that long you might not know that telegram has had their own Ico back in 2018 they raised over 1.7 billion dollars for the open network or ton but later on they had to refund all the money as they were hunted down by

The SEC today telegram still has a massive user base which will be integrated with the Tom blockchain the current use of the tall Network is for telegram users to trade user IDs as nfts as well as other decentralized messaging usages like Tom proxy ton sites and Tom payments there are rumors that telegram

Plans to turn the chat app into a wallet for every user and and this feature is technically already there you just need to search for the username wallet in Telegram and it will let you set up your own crypto wallet right in telegram when this gets rolled out to the public it

Will have a massive Network effect built in from day one as telegram is comparable to Major social media Giants the open network reminds me a lot of Solana before their 2021 pump solano’s Peak valuation was 70 billion dollars but that number is honestly a bit too

Optimistic you need to keep in mind that tan has a large amount of tokens to be unlocked with only 1.4 billion of the 5 billion total tokens currently circulating if we estimate 3 billion tokens to be unlocked by the next bull market this gives us a price target of

23 dollars per ton coin as you can see this is only about a 9x increase from the current price which isn’t that much better than ethereum’s Roi even for the super optimistic s May that we have so with this in mind I plan to wait for Tom

Price to finish its reason pump and become cheap again before buying in as always make sure to do your own research before you buy anything and one of the biggest mistakes I see investors make is buying only because someone else told you to to see if you’re making any

Common mistakes check out my most recent video on the top 6 crypto investing mistakes to avoid link is in the description moving on to the last two picks which are both infrastructure projects for the decentralized web narrative for the six aqua and pick we have filecoin which is a blockchain

Built for storing files for the decentralized Internet it’s no secret that big tag runs the internet cloud computing is a billion dollar business and is one of the leading Revenue generators for companies like Amazon and Google however most blockchains today run on data centers built by big Tech

This is centralization risk is why web3 projects are using blockchain technology for something other than Finance if you’re a fan of any projects around decentralized social media decentralized web hosting messaging apps Etc chances are that they’re integrating filecoin through their ipfs technology ipfs stands for the interplanetary file

System what a cool name right this is a file sharing system that can be leveraged to more efficiently store and share arbitrary files with anyone in the world and it’s completely decentralized it’s popular for things like nft metadata or storing pictures and videos that people want to keep online without

Censorship it’s also used a lot in Unstoppable websites the ipfs standard is like the HTTP standard but for web 3. fallcoin has been in development since 2017 and sits Atop The decentralized Internet narrative if the decentralized web takes off filecoin will be integrated into every application creating a search for the open demand

However one major concern I have for filecoin is its tokenomics in the last cycle it reached a ridiculously high price of 180 dollars with a fully diluted valuation of 260 billion dollars for contacts Bitcoin today is only at a 320 billion dollar valuation today the price of filecoin sits at below three

Dollars which is still at a 5 billion dollar fully diluted valuation as only 20 percent of the tokens has been released so far so while I’m bullish on filecoin’s narrative I don’t think it’s going to reach a new all-time high using the optimistic estimate again with filecoin potentially reaching top 20

Coin ranks and maybe 20 to 30 billion dollars in valuation this means fil or falcoin currently has around 5 to 6X growth potential this makes it not so attractive at current prices compared to the 8X where expecting for ethereum therefore I’ll continue to wait for falcoin’s evaluation to drop before

Allocating to it my entry Target is below 2 billion in fully dilute evaluation for filecoin and this brings us to my seventh and final altcoin pick our weave our weave is another infrastructure project focusing on decentralized cloud storage solutions since 2019 our weave has become one of the largest data storage solutions for

Layer 1 networks such as ethereum Avalanche polka dot Cosmos near Etc here’s why their Tech is such a game changer as blockchains become massive over time they’ll need a way to store their data safely and in a decentralized fashion so our weave has a clear use case for exactly this traditional

Internet storage is not only centralized but faces a massive link Rod problem you may not know this but over 30 percent of links are broken within two years on the internet and seventy percent of links from the before 1998 are inaccessible this poses a problem for blockchains as their storage files get increasingly

Bigger and older storage also plays a huge role in nfts most nft data is stored off chain because layer ones were not built to store Rich data the problem is this off-chain data is often stored in a centralized server and links can become outdated if the off-chain data

For your nft is lost it’s essentially useless you can’t even see the picture video or whatever was there initially this is why our weave focuses on permanent storage unlike filecoin which focuses on file system and access think of filecoin and ipfs like the HTTP standard for web 3. while our weave acts

More like the web 3 Google Drive Instagram just announced recently that they are backing up their user posts and nfts using our weave this further proves that our weave is one of the only core infrastructures behind the decentralized web narrative that has actually been proven useful if this narrative becomes

Big investors will likely flock to our weave in terms of tokenomics our weave has a much bigger growth potential than filecoin in the last cycle are we went from two dollars to eighty dollars for a cool 40x today it’s back down to below eight dollars with a current valuation

Of only 400 million dollars if we assume the AR token can move into the top 40 coin ranks by the next Bull Run Peak that puts it at a 15 to 20 billion dollar valuation based on the 2021 bull market numbers that we were using this

Gives us a target of 300 to 400 per our weave coin which is a 45 to 50x price Target not bad if you ask me so that wraps up my top 7 Alcorn picks for the next Bull Run remember while I’m bullish on the fundamentals for these projects

Works some of them have dropped to really attractive buying opportunities While others are still relatively overvalued so make sure you have a clear plan for the entry and price targets the rule of thumb is risky all coins have to at least outperform ethereum in order to be worth investing in it’s all about

Valuations and how much Roi you could potentially get for the risk remember bear markets present the easiest buying opportunities to build wealth in the next Bull Run as long as you are patient this is really the period you should follow and study the crypto space deeply so head over to and

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