Discover the Easiest Way to Purchase US and NZ Company Shares for Beginners in 2020 with Sharesies

Investing in shares can be intimidating for beginners, but with Sharesies, buying shares in NZ and US companies is made easy. In this article, we will guide you on how to get started with purchasing shares through Sharesies and provide you with tips on growing your investment portfolio. With Sharesies, you can start on your investment journey with as little as $5.

– Sharesies allows for easy purchase of shares in NZ and US companies for beginners starting at only $5.
– Investing in a diversified range of companies can help grow your investment portfolio.
– Keep track of your investments with regular monitoring and consideration of market trends.

Hi everyone my name is hank and in this video i’ll be going over how to purchase individual company shares for both the new zealand and u.s market on sharesies for complete beginners i’ll be going over how to search for companies the fees for purchasing shares and some other tips and tricks

So without further ado let’s get straight into it now here on the sharesies website first thing that we want to do is to sign up for a new account so we go to sign up and then you enter your email your password your phone number and your preferred name

And here for promo codes i have a promo code for you in the description below and if you use the promo code you’ll get a certain number of credits when you first open your account now after setting up your account the first thing that you want to do

Is go to wallet and here you can top up using either a bank deposit which normally would go through in one or two days or alternatively you can also top up using a credit card now if you want to top up using a credit card there is a service fee attached with that

So after topping up your account we can now go to invest and here we can search through all the companies that we want to purchase shares for for example i can search for a2 milk so i can go to a2 milk and buy shears for a2 milk so it’ll actually show

That the currently the market is open and it’ll show that the market is open from 10 am to 5 pm for the new zealand market we can look at the price history for a2 milk and we can see that there’s transaction fees associated with that and they don’t provide a dividend yield

Now we can then go to buy to buy a2 milk so there’s two uh different orders that you can use so you can use the market order which just buys the company share at whatever the price is at the moment on the market alternatively you can also buy using a

Limit order which shows that you can set the highest price that you’re willing to pay for the uh the share so here we can set it at twenty dollars and you can also choose the amount that you want to invest in the amount that you want to

Invest in does not need to be the price that you’re willing to pay per share so if you want to spend twenty dollars per share on a two mil company you can invest only ten dollars which gives you a partial share next thing we can go to review and then

It’ll show you the details and then you can press buy to buy for new zealand companies you can use the market buy order for convenience because the order will likely go through pretty much straight away or you can use limit buy for more control and for new zealand companies you can purchase

Partial shares using the limit buy options where you cannot do that for us companies shares these charge a transaction fee when you buy and sell in company shares and this is also known as the brokerage fee so for orders up to three thousand dollars they charge a 0.5 percent

Fee and for amounts over 3 000 they charge a 0.1 percent fee so if you invest 6 000 in a particular company you’ll be charged 15 for the first three thousand dollars and three dollars on the remaining three thousand dollars as your fee so your total fee for

Making an order of six thousand dollars you’d have an 18 transaction fee recently shizzy’s has also introduced the uh trading of u.s company shares on the uh shirzy’s platform so let’s take a look at how it actually works in order to purchase us company shares

First thing that you want to do is to exchange your new zealand dollars in your account into us dollars so we can do this in the wallet section and we can exchange money on the shazi platform so this will say your exchange rate and the exchange fee so for example if i

Want to exchange five new zealand dollars to us dollars it’ll show the exchange fee for the exchange and also the exchange rate now for sharesies there is a 0.4 commission for exchanging new zealand dollars to us dollars and another zero point four percent for exchanging from us dollars back to

New zealand dollars after exchanging for some uh dollars we can go back to our invest tab and then we can search for a u.s company that we want to invest in here i could search for apple so i go to the apple tab and i can look up on the

Top icon and it’ll show that currently the us market is closed so this will show that the u.s market is open from 1 30 a.m to 8 00 a.m new zealand time so currently the market is closed so if you put an order through at the moment

It won’t go through straight away and it’ll only go through when the market opens i can scroll down and look at the price chart for the company over time and i can look at the transaction fees and whether they have a dividend yield and their pu ratio

Now if i want to purchase the stock i can click buy and here similar to new zealand companies you get a market order and also a limit order so for the market order is exactly the same thing you can choose the amount that you want to invest

In and this time it will be in terms of us dollars you can also choose uh to use limit order when buying us company shares now here you can specify the highest amount that you are willing to pay per share for the apple share so i can specify 470 us dollars

Now the main difference here is that you have to purchase whole shares if you use the limit buy option if you want to purchase u.s company shares so this is not the same as new zealand companies where you can basically just specify an amount that you want to pay so here

I have to purchase at least one share and it’ll say that there’s not enough money in my account at the moment and i will need to top up first let’s now have a look at the transaction fee for purchasing an apple share so we can click this icon and the transaction fee works

In a pretty similar way to the uh purchasing a share for the new zealand company so there is a zero point five percent for any orders up to three thousand dollars and a zero point one percent fee for any amount above three thousand dollars now this dollar value would be in uh us

Dollars instead of in new zealand dollars for buying a new zealand company so here for example if you are purchasing five thousand dollars worth of u.s company shares you will be charged fifteen dollars for the first three thousand dollars and then two dollars on the remaining uh two thousand dollars

Which all together would be a 17 us dollars if you are purchasing 5 thousand dollars worth of u.s companies another way to purchase shares is through the auto invest function so if you go to auto invest you can either use pre-made funds or you can choose your own funds

Now here you can only choose funds and not individual companies so you can choose these funds that you want to add to your order and then i can add these and i can select these funds and the minimum amount that you need to invest in is five dollars

And you can do so every week starting from a certain date so this is just to help you automate your investing however do remember that you can only invest in funds with this and you can’t actually invest in individual companies let’s now have a look at the subscription fee for

Sharesies so for sharesies you either pay a monthly fee or an annual fee so if your portfolio has 50 or less your account is free now if you have 50 to three thousand dollars you’ll charge one point five dollars per month and if you have more than three thousand dollars in your account

You’ll charge three dollars per month now if you have more than three thousand dollars in your account it is more cost efficient to use the annual fee which is 30 per year now kids account have half the price of an adult subscription so if you have kids

That want to set up a kids account that is definitely an option as well in future video i’ll be doing a fees comparison of uh steak hatch and sharesies in terms of purchasing uh us company shares to see which one has the lowest fee it might be uh the best for you to

Invest in if you haven’t signed up to share these yet be sure to sign up using my promo code link below for some free credits when you sign up while the promotion lasts and i will be bringing you more tips and tricks and investing reviews

In the future and i will see you in the next video

Sharesies is a user-friendly platform allowing easy buying and selling of shares for beginners in New Zealand and the United States. Shares can be bought with as little as $5 and with low brokerage fees. It is important to do research and have a clear understanding of the stock market before investing. With Sharesies, beginners can make informed decisions and invest in companies they believe in.

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