Discover the Top 5 Investnow Funds for Investors in New Zealand

Introduction: Investnow is a popular online investment platform used by many New Zealanders to invest their savings in various funds. With this in mind, we have compiled a list of the 5 Best Funds on Investnow for investors in New Zealand. This list includes funds that have provided consistent returns and have a low risk, making them a suitable investment option for beginners and experienced investors alike.


– These funds have shown consistent returns over the years, making them an attractive investment option for investors who are looking to grow their savings.

– These funds are diversified, meaning they invest in a range of assets, such as stocks, bonds, and cash, to reduce investment risk.

– The funds on this list have low fees, which means that investors can keep more of their returns, ensuring that their savings grow faster.

Hello everyone and welcome back to my channel my name is Hank and on this channel I’ll be talking about Kiwi personal finance currently invest now is one of the best long-term investment platforms available in New Zealand because it has no monthly or annual platform fees the downside is that it

Has more than a hundred different funds to choose from and it can get very confusing for beginners or even more advanced investors how do I know what’s fun to pick do I just look at last year’s results and put all my money into whatever returns the highest in this

Video I’ll be talking about the five best funds on invest now for complete beginners to start investing for the long term if this type of content might be useful to you please just take two seconds out of your valuable time and just gently tap the like button it’ll

Help out the YouTube algorithm and the channel so much and now let’s get into it let’s talk about the different types of funds that invest now has on offer they can be broadly separated into actively managed funds and passively managed funds the worst part of it is that

Actively managed funds tend to have a worse return than just buying the market index over the long term so today I’ll be focusing more on passively managed funds since they are great for beginners usually have lower fees and have a greater return over the long term I will

Be narrowing down the long lists of funds using three very simple criteria number one good returns I’m looking for more than 7% per year return over the long term if the fund invests in shares number two low fees I’m looking for fees that are under 1% and ideally unders

Point five percent the lower the fee the more profit you’ll get from your investment number three diversification it’s always good to invest in funds there invest in multiple different sectors in case one of the sector’s does not do well now on to the five best funds for beginners on

Invest now at number five we have the smartest global aggregate bond fund bonds are essentially alone to government or corporation and it tends to be less volatile than shares this fund invests in the iciest global bond fund and it covers government’s government related corporate and security bonds

It is also hedge to the New Zealand dollar so that it is less affected by currency fluctuations at number four we have the ANP Australasian property index fund this portfolio tracks property investment funds in Australia and New Zealand this is good for people who wishes to dabble in property investment

Without actually having to purchase a property themselves number three we have the ANP capital New Zealand shares index fund this fund invests in the SP NZXT top 50 index which includes the top 50 companies on the New Zealand exchange including companies such as Meridian Energy spot communications and a2 milk

This is a very good option if you want to invest in the big businesses in New Zealand at number 2 we have the Vanguard international shares select exclusion fun both the hedged and unhitch version this fund invests in the MSCI World Index which exclude Australia emerging markets tobacco nuclear and weapon

Companies it is still a highly diversified fund with more than 1500 assets the fun has a low fee of 0.2% for the unhedged version but it is a foreign investment fund so you would have to do your own taxes now if you are happy doing your own taxes this

Is a very good choice as a high-growth fund at number one we have the a MP capital or country global shares index fund this is a passively managed fund that tracks the MSCI all country world index it is also hedge to the New Zealand dollar so that it’s less objective to

Currency fluctuations similar to the Vanguard exclusion fund it covers the 23 developed markets including Australia but also 26 emerging markets such as China and Brazil it is a highly diversified fund with more than 2,800 companies in it if you are a long-term investor and doesn’t want to do your own

Taxes and only want to hold one fund this might be a good option for you in summary these are some of the best funds that invest now currently have on offer for beginner investors the Vanguard exclusion and AM P global funds are quite similar and both very good so just

Pick your favorite one out of the two as your high-growth fund and then sprinkle in some other funds to create your basic portfolio in the next video I’ll be providing examples on how to create a portfolio based on your investment timeframe and risk appetite check out my previous videos if you haven’t already

And I will see you in the next one

The article discusses the top 5 funds that investors in New Zealand can access through Investnow. These funds include the AMP Capital Global Shares Index Fund, the Fisher Funds Growth Fund, the Smartshares Total World Fund, the Milford Active Growth Wholesale Fund, and the Vanguard International Shares Select Exclusions Index Fund. The article highlights the benefits of each fund, such as diversification and strong performance. In conclusion, the article provides useful information for investors seeking to navigate the funds available through Investnow.

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