Discover Your Chances of Winning Lotto Powerball in New Zealand

Your Odds of Winning Lotto Powerball in New Zealand are rather slim, but not impossible. This popular lottery game has been putting Kiwis in with a chance to win big since 2001. While the jackpot has rolled over multiple times to reach some staggering amounts, the more likely scenario is a smaller prize for matching some of the numbers. Here are three highlights to consider about your odds of winning Lotto Powerball in New Zealand- Long odds, Strategic play, and Higher odds with more lines.

Recently the New Zealand lot of Powerball has jackpot it over 20 million dollars now can you see yourself winning twenty million dollars what would you do with that money would you buy a new house get a fancy new car or go on a vacation around the world have you ever

Wondered about the odds of winning or is it actually possible to win in this video I’ll be looking at the probability of winning lotto in New Zealand the most common winning numbers the biggest lotto prize payouts the luckiest lot of shops around the country and some of the

Winners there have managed to lose it all the New Zealand lotto actually has quite a few different games including a lotto lotto powerball bottle strike keno bullseye etc etc I’ll be focusing on the one with the biggest payout out of all of them which is the lotto powerball if

You have never played a lotto before in order to win the first division of a lot of Powerball you have to match six numbers from a pool of one to forty numbers and the order of the number that itself doesn’t actually matter however you also need to match the Powerball

Number in order to win the big prize let’s look at some of the largest wins in New Zealand in history so the largest win in New Zealand is a gigantic 44 million New Zealand Dollars win and it was purchased from a shop in Derry flats in Auckland and here’s a chart of some

Of the biggest lot of wins in lot of history different in many other countries in New Zealand you don’t actually get taxed on your lotto winnings but you do get taxed on any interest that you earn from those winnings on the other hand if you ever wondered which stores produce the

Highest number of winners here’s a chart of some of those stores produce the most number of winners do note that these stores are some of the busiest lot of shops so that they most likely have sold many winning tickets just from the sheer number of tickets being sold okay so now for the

Fun part we’re going to look at the probability of actually winning lotto the probability of winning lotto can be calculated using this formula where n is the total pool of numbers and K is the total numbers that you will need to match in newzealand lotto the pool has

14 numbers from 1 to 40 and you will need to match six numbers so in this situation n is 40 and K is 6 now without going to all the details by just plugging in the numbers into the equation it’ll show you that you have one in 3.8 million chance of getting or

Six numbers however you would also have to match the Powerball number which ranges from 1 to 10 so you have a 1 in 10 chance of getting the Powerball number so your actual chance of winning lots of Powerball is actually 1 in 38 million for one line of numbers this has

Made a little bit easier since most people purchase 10 lines of numbers in one ticket now if you don’t think that the probability of winning is that low an article stating things that you are more likely to do than winning a lot of Powerball which includes getting hit by

Lightning twice be related to the Queen giving birth to identical quadruplets drowning in a bathtub flipping heads on a coin toss 25 times in a row here’s a fun fact I discovered while playing around with the formula so in New Zealand you pick 6 out of 14 numbers and

1 out of 10 Powerball number now let’s assume that there are normal Powerball numbers but you get a bigger pool of numbers to choose from or Powerball how big would the pool of numbers need to be for the odds of winning to be similar to the one with

The Powerball and the answer is not simply 40 plus 10 which is 50 in fact the number is 57 so the odds of picking six numbers from a pool of 57 numbers is 1 in 36 million which is slightly better than the odds of winning a lot of

Powerball which is 1 in 38 million do you think they’re picking six numbers from a pool of 57 is easier than the current Powerball system let me know what you think let’s now look at some of the most popular winning numbers so currently the most common winning

Numbers are 1 7 19 22 18 and 13 and the least common winning number is 28 the most common winning Powerball number by far is number 2 with 9 and 10 being the least common by far although this is mainly due to the fact that there were originally only eight numbers in the

Powerball and 9 and 10 were added many years later now don’t take this as a reason to pick those numbers when buying your next lotto ticket because the probability of the numbers showing up does not increase just because certain numbers happen to appear more often picking out a winning number is also a

Bit of an art as well since if there are too many people with the same winning number the top prize simply gets divided for a month or the winners this has actually happened in 2018 where the winning number for a draw was 3 5 7 9 11 and 13 there were a

Massive 40 winners for that particular draw which means that each winner received $25,000 for the first division 1 million dollar prize funny enough this meant that the five people who split the second division price and got 27 thousand dollars each actually got more than the people there have won the first

Division prize of course we all like to believe in it happy ending where you win lotto buy a house pay off your debt and live happily ever after the reality is there many lots of winners end up going bankrupt due to overspending many people simply cannot regulate their expenditure and

That leads to a lavish lifestyle which ends up alienating many friends and family you should really plan accordingly if you win to make sure that does not happen to you so would you invest and where would you invest if you ever won lotto let me know your thoughts

On that and I’ll see you in the next video

Your odds of winning Lotto Powerball in New Zealand are extremely low, with a chance of just one in 38 million. The number of tickets sold for each draw also plays a major role in the odds of winning, with more tickets making it even less likely to win. Playing in a group or syndicate can improve your odds, but also means sharing the prize if you win. Overall, the odds of winning Lotto Powerball are slim, but many people still try their luck hoping to become a millionaire.

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