Earn $200 Daily Online for Free by Legally Copy & Pasting Photos (Make Money Online)

Are you looking for a legitimate way to make money online? Look no further! In this article, we will be discussing a method that allows you to earn $200 a day by legally copy and pasting photos. The best part? It’s entirely free! With just a few simple steps, you can start making money from the comfort of your own home. So, if you’re ready to learn how to monetize your photo editing skills, keep reading!

– Discover a secret method to make $200 a day online by legally copy and pasting photos.
– No upfront investment required; it’s completely free to get started.
– Work from the comfort of your own home and set your own schedule to earn money at your own pace.

So if we go ahead and take 451 and we times that by 4740 you can see that these guys have made over two million dollars that’s absolutely insane and what i’m going to do in this tutorial is show you exactly how they’re doing this and how you can get involved in this

Method to make money online what’s going on guys welcome back to another tutorial in this tutorial i’m going to show you how to make money online by using free images and these people making millions of dollars online doing this and i’m going to show you exactly how you can do

This from start to finish now this is going to be a quick three step process a very simple process that’s easy to understand even if you are a complete beginner and i’m going to take you through every single step you need to know so make sure you watch all the way

To the end so you don’t miss any information and you won’t need a website to do this particular method so if you are a beginner it can be complicated to make websites it can cost money so make sure to find you a method where you don’t have to go and create your own

Website and everything is done for you all you need to do is follow these simple steps in this video to learn exactly how you can make money online with this method now let’s get into this tutorial but quickly what we need to do is cover the giveaway that we are still

Doing if you’d like the chance to win access to every single one of my products what you need to do is find the emoji in this video smash that like button and then comment below what that emoji is and we’ll pick a winner in the next video so let’s jump into this

Tutorial and i’ll show you how to make money online with images with a simple three-step process that’s easy to follow alright guys so one of the most common ways to find images online is to go to google and just put in a keyword and click images and there’s hundreds of

Images that show up now the problem is we can’t actually use most of these images because they are protected by copyright but what there is is there’s something called the public domain and the public domain consists of all creative work to which no exclusive rights apply these rights have expired

Been forfeited or waived so we can actually find images on the public domain that we can use and do whatever we like with even make money online with it’s crazy so i’m going to explain to you exactly how you can do this legally so step number one is we need to go and

Find an image that we can use to make money with what you want to do is you want to go to google and you want to put in public domain picture websites or something similar and there will be a list of websites that you can use to go

And find images that you can use for free without any consequences or anything like that because they’re in the public domain so here’s one that i found it’s called free dash images.com and you can use this to find specific images now i’m going to use an example

In this video based off the research that i’ve done and i do know that this image makes money so we are going to use this for the research and then we’re going to go into how you can actually make money with this and i’ll show you

All of that step by step but we need to do the first step first and that is find the image and then we’ll move on to the second step so this is a basic website where you can use the search function and you can look for stock images black

And white vector fine art illustrations or all and all of these images you can use for completely free without any consequences so we’re going to go to fine art and i’m going to put in here sunset painting okay and we’re going to go to search now you’ll see here that it’s you don’t

Want to click the top ones because that’s advertising um you’ll have to pay for those but if we go down you’ll see these kind of like abstract sunset paintings these make a lot of money and you can use these right now you don’t have to pay any money or

Anything like these are copyright free and we scroll down and there’s lots of beautiful abstract sunset paintings now what i would recommend is clicking on a few of them like this one here for example you’ll see that the original size is 648×379 that’s going to be too small for

What we want to do so you want to go through in order to click on some until you find one that is a great size so that’s too small as well all right so i’ve found this one that is one two two times seven nine eight and then i’m

Gonna click download the original image now you are gonna have to do some research to see what is actually selling so we’ve done this a little bit backwards but first i want to show you how to actually get the images then enhance them and then we’ll talk about

How you can make the money so now that you have an image that you can use the next step is we need to find a free editor online where you can enhance the image now you don’t have to do this you could just go make money straight away

With this but it’s always a good idea to maybe just enhance it and make it look a little bit better so what you want to do is you’re going to go to google once again and put in free photo editors and there’s lots of free photo editors that

You can go and use online to apply filters to an image i’m going to use this one here which is called photofilters.com and you go to browse and you upload your image and you’ll see that i’ve uploaded this image and here it is and what i can

Do is i can go to filters or i could go to basic or i could go to effects there’s lots of things that i could actually do um there’s like all of this stuff you can do right i’m going to go to filters and i’m just going to apply like there’s a

Lot of filters you can use like clarity filters and stuff i’m just going to apply this one called brownie and you can see it’s kind of enhanced the image a little bit we can take it uh we can cancel that you can see this is the difference we go to filters and we

Put on the brownie one you can see it makes it look really nice and red so this could be something that you might want to do but it’s going to be up to you this really depends on the type of image that you have and how you want to

Move forward with this so now that we have an image we’ve kind of enhanced it a little bit how do we go and make money online with this image i’m going to show you right now in the next step so step number one is to simply go and find an

Image on freeimages.com step number two is to go and enhance that image just to make it look a little bit better and then step number three is to go and actually sell this specific image now in step number three we are going to talk about some research you could do that

Before step one and two if you like so let’s jump into how you can make money with this now the next question you might have is how can you make money online with this method it’s actually really simple you want to go to a website called etsy.com and you want to

Go through and you want to find things that people are selling that are related to images so there’s all of these categories that you can click on for example we can click on outdoor and garden and you want to do a little bit of research first this is kind of what i

Talked about you should probably do this bit before you actually go and choose your image but we need to do it step by step now for example the outdoor section doesn’t really have much about selling images like there’s some kind of like stuff on these pillows and there but

It’s probably the wrong niche for us in this video so if we go back you just want to go and have a look through etsy home and living could be a good one but there’s all of these categories that you could go through to find specific niches where

You can find people that are selling images and you can see what they’re selling and you can even see how many they have sold based on reviews so like this canvas here we go down there’s a picture right here landscape there’s another canvas here there’s another

Canvas here the big canvas here and the home and living you might be thinking how can i sell a canvas i don’t have one i’ll explain to you how you could do that in a second if that’s something you wanted to do but this is kind of what

I’m talking about you need to find a niche where you can sell pictures okay the pictures that you found like like if you look at this one down here this is a picture of someone in a row boat you could find that on that website i just

Showed you something similar to this so let’s take an example that i i have done for this specific tutorial and that was sunset art so we can look you see these the sunset art here the first thing you want to do is see if it’s actually selling and you’ll see the reviews huge

Reviews on some of these 1100 26 30 and you’ve got to remember not everybody posts a review that purchases only a small percent do so it’s probably way more people with purchases than we think now let’s take this one for example this person they are selling this for 578 dollars in

My currency which is around about let’s say 380 400 us dollars they are selling this for a massive amount of money and you can see that they have over 4 700 sales so that’s really really good they are making good money here so you times that by 578

That’s a huge amount of money they are making every single day that’s crazy so how can you go out and sell something exactly like this as a canvas very simple and it’s all pretty much automatic you just set it up i’ll show you exactly how you can do that right

Now so first of all you went and got your image from this website we got a sunset one that i showed you just before the next step is to go to website called printify.com on this website you can actually put these images on canvases okay now if you go to printfire.com

You’ve got all the information that you need they even have a full tutorial on what works and how it works and everything that you need to actually go and set this up and make it work but i’m going to show you how to do a design right now i’ve started a fresh account

For this tutorial and you want to go and put in your email and your password to sign up so just go and click um sign up at the top right here there will be so i’m already logged in it will say sign up and then go design your first product

And then go down to home and living but you can put on other things but i want to do home and living in this example because that’s what this is for and then canvas and then you have all of these different size canvases that you could potentially sell now

These guys are selling a big canvas so the one that you sell you probably won’t be able to sell for as much but what happens is you go and put so i’m going to choose a canvas right here and you go and upload your image so start designing

And i’m going to go and add your design might from my device and i’m going to just stretch this out a bit i haven’t made it to the color but we can move it around and make it look like that looks really really nice and we can actually preview this right here

And it’s got the front this actually looks really really nice we’ve got the front the side and we have a close-up and then it’s actually got the images you can use on etsy as well this one looks really really nice and what happens is so we’re actually back to the catalog

Now let’s just talk about the price here okay so that’s what you do you go and upload the particular image to the canvas and you save it now the they’re going to charge you 43 dollars plus 21 shipping so what to say 60 us dollars they’re going to charge you to

Take care of everything and you just got to go sell it for a profit so you could sell it for double the price triple the price quadruple the price and they take care of everything for you and what they do is they actually connect to etsy automatically so here

They will connect to your etsy account so you want to go and start your own it’s the account by going up to sign in or sign up or whatever and create your own etsy shop okay and you can actually go on to youtube and you can see there’s

A video here how to get startup with printfy and connect an etsy shop so you can go on google how to connect your etsy shop very simple and all you’re doing is your craft you’re creating these beautiful canvases and you’re selling them online for a profit just

Like these guys are right here but how do you get your image to the top of the rankings so you can get people to click on it so you can make money once again if you go to google and you put in rank in etsy or youtube in this example all

Of these people have done tutorials showing you exactly how you can do your search engine optimization on etsy because etsy is like a search engine and you can literally go and sell those images that you get from freeimages.com on a canvas or a t-shirt or anything

Like that but canvases work the best and you can make money doing this very simple strategy to make money online if you want some more videos make sure you subscribe tap that notification bell smash that like button and i’ll see on the next video

The article discusses a method to earn $200 a day online by legally copying and pasting photos. The author claims that this can be done for free and offers a tutorial on how to do it. However, it is important to approach these online money-making methods with caution and ensure that they comply with copyright laws.

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