Get in on the Biggest Crypto Airdrops of 2023: Step-by-Step Guide on Qualifying for zkSync Airdrop

Hyphenated Highlights:
– Qualifying for the zkSync airdrop requires certain steps and criteria that need to be met.
– The airdrop is set to take place in 2023 and promises to be one of the biggest in the crypto space.
– To ensure that you don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity, follow our step-by-step guide on how to qualify for the zkSync airdrop.

In today’s video I’ll show you how to receive the upcoming ZK sync airdrop which will be one of the biggest drops in 2023 with an hour of work now you can earn hundreds or even thousands of dollars when the token launches this year welcome back to the virtual awaken

Channel where I teach you how to build wealth with crypto airdrops are one of the best ways to earn passive income with crypto because it requires little to no investment up front I have explained the whole reason why airdrops exist and why they are good opportunities you can find this in my

Video about making passive income in crypto linked below now that we’re in sync let’s get into the TK sync airdrop dksync is a layer 2 scaling solution for ethereum that uses the novel DK roll-up technology it’s also one of the first zika Roll-Ups to go to market on mainnet

And that supports the ethereum virtual machine so existing ethereum developers can easily migrate their applications over they also have one of the biggest treasuries in all of crypto raising over 450 million dollars in the bull market so I personally don’t expect them to sell more tokens to raise money instead

I think they will choose to release the token through a big airdrop in order to attract as many early users as possible now let’s get into what you need to do to qualify for the dksync airdrop the first step to qualify for the Z casing airdrop is to set up a metamask wallet

And fund it with some ethereum I’m gonna assume you have this setup ready but if you don’t know how to do it just yet you can check out my metamask tutorial on my YouTube channel then step two is to bridge to dksync 1.0 mainnet the dksing

1.0 Mana is the older version of cksync that has been running live since 2020. so if you interact with it now you could qualify as an early adopter when the CK sync 2.0 airdrop launches the 2.0 version is the one that we’re interested in in order to do this head on over to and connect your wallet then top up your balance on the dksync 1.0 Network by I would say using the bridge of zksync official so so under here under bridges section click CK sync and Bridge some Mana ethereum to the ZK sync Network step 3 is to Mint an

Nft on the same page so under you can go to the nft section and mint your own custom nft this will cost only gas money so you should definitely do this and then I will also go to one of the only exchanges that exists on zksync

1.0 and the connector wallet and make a trade here beware make sure to use the zigzag exchange on the tksync 1.0 network instead of arbitrum you can toggle the setting on the top right here step four is to get some free tokens from the cksync 2.0 faucet now we’re

Trying the new version of CK sync 2.0 but instead of mainnet the 2.0 version is only on testnet right now and the tokens have no real value so go to and head on over to the faucet page and request some funds from the faucet you will need to verify

Yourself by connecting with your Twitter then step 5 we should should try the top applications on the TK sync 2.0 test net you can find all the live applications on this testnet apps list that I have provided linking below or on my website if you try all of these projects you

Have the highest chance of qualifying for the airdrop but I would focus on the ones that are most established and the easiest to try out uh which have the simple user experience for a beginner so these are my picks first one is this is a decentralized

Exchange very simple you can swap and swap back with two transactions and only pay gas fees next one is mes protocol this is also an exchange make a swap on here mute this is another exchange so also trade on here and again another exchange is sync swap also trade on here

Then I would try trustless.5 this is the lending platform that’s built on cksing 2.0 testnet so deposit some money on here and borrow a position against it and then pay it back right away so you don’t pay any money except for gas fees the next one to try is mint Square this

Is one of the nft marketplaces built on top of suitcasing 2.0 so you can buy one of these nfts and sell it or even mint your own and because this is on testnet you don’t need to pay any real money same thing do the same on this is another nft

Marketplace mint and nft on here and trade the sum lastly I would use the Orbiter bridge on and Bridge some ck sync test net token to the ethereum test net and those are all the applications I would try that should give you really good chances to qualify

For the airdrop the next step step six is to join the cksync Discord and complete the crew 3 tasks to level up first join the TK sync Discord by going to once you’re in connect your wallet Discord and Twitter account to the crew 3 dashboard I have provided

A link here or you can go on their Twitter to find out crew 3 is a platform that hosts Community campaigns uh by the official zksync team so on here you can see a bunch of tasks such as joining the Discord board following them on Twitter completing some security quizzes

Completing some Twitter campaigns joining the mission of the TK sync Alpha Etc so none of these cost any money you just have to interact with the TK sync application the CKC Network or complete some quizzes to make sure you know about the TK sync project so make sure to

Complete all the tasks here and once you’re done you can connect your Twitter connect your wallet account and connect your Discord so that they’re all synced and your wallet will be qualified and your wallet will be linked to the Discord row so once you are completed

All of these tasks you will get special rows in the Discord and these Discord rows are usually considered when projects decide who to give airdrops to and how much to give so make sure to use the same wallet that you use to complete the tasks in the previous steps this

Guarantees that you have one wallet that I have completed all the tasks and sequencing recognizes this is a power user and that’s it that’s all the steps you need to do that’s the end of the guide and now you’re ready to qualify for the TK sync airdrop so feel free to

Re-watch this video as you try and complete the tasks mentioned in this video as you can see qualifying for airdrops is all about time and effort but requires no money risk and if you do qualify you stand to earn hundreds or even thousands of dollars and not bad if

You ask me if you found this tutorial helpful please consider subscribing to my channel and signing up to my free newsletter on every week I write about the latest Market events hottest narratives and my personal investing insights you can also find the full written guide of this

Tutorial on my website thanks for watching and see you in the next video

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