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How to get bitcoin for free?

If the title of the article aroused both distrust and curiosity in you, it means that it fulfilled its role. And logically, when something is offered “for free” it often automatically evokes a suspicious reaction. But we’re not kidding. In this article we will show you how to get bitcoin for free in a proven and safe way. Earning bitcoin is actually possible! We can’t promise that you’ll build a steady passive income overnight and be able to quit your job overnight. However, with a little patience, earning free cryptocurrencies will actually become possible.

How to get bitcoin for free? Stock market quizzes

One of the easiest ways to get bitcoin for free is taking part in quizzes on cryptocurrency exchanges. It consists in the fact that you simultaneously gain knowledge about cryptocurrencies and receive rewards in the form of tokens. Exchanges that offer this type of way to earn free cryptocurrencies include:

  • www.binance.com
  • www.bybit.com
  • www.okx.com
  • www.kucoin.com

To get bitcoin for free on these exchanges, you first need to create an account. You can do this by clicking on one of the links above. Then you will have to go through the verification process. Creating an account on the cryptocurrency exchange is very simple and intuitive. In fact, the process is no different from setting up an account in any other financial application. Also, remember that some exchanges offer welcome bonuses. More details can be found at these links:

  • Binance Bonus
  • Bybit Bonus

If you already have an account, it’s time to get down to business. Below you will find instructions on how to get free bitcoins on the Binance exchange. For other platforms, the process is similar, so I’m sure you’ll be fine.

To get free bitcoins on Binance, go to www.binance.com and log in (or create an account). Then, in the upper left corner, hover your mouse over the 9 squares icon and select an option “Learn and earn”. Alternatively, you can go directly to this link. It will take you to the right place right away.

how to get free bitcoins on binance
Free cryptocurrencies at www.binance.com

You will now be taken to the Learn and Earn section page. Here you will find a number of different how-to articles on cryptocurrencies. Select the topic you are interested in, then click “Start Learning”.

how to get free bitcoins
Get paid for learning about cryptocurrencies at www.binance.com

Now you need to read the videos and articles on the selected topic. At the end you will have to complete a quiz. If you manage to pass it correctly, you will receive free cryptocurrencies in return! Simple, right?

How to earn bitcoin for free? Staking

Cryptocurrency staking is another way that allows you to get free bitcoins or just cryptocurrencies. This method works similarly to a deposit in a traditional bank account. We deposit our cryptocurrencies to the exchange and then receive a percentage from them. Exchanges that allow staking and earning free cryptocurrencies include:

  • www.binance.com
  • www.bybit.com
  • www.okx.com
  • www.kucoin.com

So how do you get free bitcoins for staking? Let’s analyze it again on the example of the Binance exchange.

First you need to go to www.binance.com and log into your account. If you don’t have one yet, create one here, complete identity verification and deposit cryptocurrencies. Then, in the top menu, hover over the option Earnings and click DeFi staking.

binance staking free crypto

Choose one of the available products and click To be blocked. You can choose flexible staking, which allows you to withdraw funds at any time. In the case of a lock for a certain period of time, if you withdraw funds before the period expires, you will lose all the interest earned.

staking on binance as a way to get free bitcoins
Staking on Binance.com allows you to earn interest on the cryptocurrencies you already own

Cryptocurrency faucets or faucets as a way to free bitcoin

Virtually from the beginning of Bitcoin, there have been many services that have always been called crypto faucets. Free bitcoins poured out of them literally – like from a tap. Our editorial team tested FreeBitco.in, SatoshiHero and Cointiply.

How does a cryptocurrency faucet work?

In short, the operators of these sites lure users by giving them free cryptocurrencies, which causes them to get a lot of traffic. And they actually give away free cryptocurrencies. But at the same time, these sites also offer the opportunity to multiply your newly acquired cryptocurrencies in one of their “bargain” casinos or other forms of gambling. Most people won’t cash out any cryptocurrencies anyway – but the crypto faucet provider (while users play and lose money) collects money for displaying ads.

As long as you click on the faucets, collect cryptocurrencies for free and do not let yourself be seduced by gambling, you may be able to order the withdrawal of cryptocurrencies to your own wallet.

And let’s not theorize. We tried several crypto faucets for you and we actually received the funds. So where can you get free cryptocurrencies and how?

FreeBitco.in faucet

bitcoin faucet

FreeBitco.in was established in 2013. It is a very simple cryptocurrency faucet, but at the same time it offers many features that you can use to your advantage as a user. To start earning free bitcoins, all you need to do is create an account using your email address and bitcoin wallet address.

Then, once every 60 minutes, you can draw a random number between 0 and 10,000. Depending on which number you hit, you will be rewarded with free cryptocurrency ?

Most likely (99%) this is of course the lowest reward, around 10-20 satoshi. However, you can increase the number of satoshis you receive by playing a game with a multiplier or using the so-called. reward points that will reward you with up to 1000% bonus. The minimum amount of cryptocurrencies you can withdraw to your wallet is 30,000 satoshis (0.0003 BTC).

How to multiply your free bitcoins?

As we mentioned in the introduction, you can also try to multiply the “earned” cryptocurrencies or take part in various lottery games with them. In the top menu you have several options to choose from:

  • Button Multiply BTC opens a game where you can regenerate random numbers and bet your satoshi on whether the generated number will be higher or lower than the one you choose. If your guess is correct, your bet will be multiplied.
  • Button betting gives you the opportunity to bet on the outcome of events in the real world. Think you can guess who will be the next US president or who will win the Bundesliga? Place your bet and rip off other users who have the opposite opinion.
  • link Win a LAMBO offers a simple lottery where you buy tickets with the prospect of winning the jackpot prize of a Lamborghini Huracan or BTC worth $200,000, which is approximately $5 million. The prize is €5,000, or £5,000. The price of one ticket is 0.00025 BTC and only one user wins each time. Usually just over a million tickets are given out, so the odds of winning are relatively low.
  • Button Lottery is another lottery where 10 people win. The price of one ticket is just 1 satoshi (0.00000001 BTC), but that’s also why there are usually over 200 million tickets in the game. After that, the winners share approximately 0.5-1 BTC depending on the total number of tickets. The good news is that you can get tickets for this lottery for free by playing Multiply BTC.
  • Earn BTC gives you the opportunity to multiply bitcoins without risk. Just deposit BTC into your Freebitco.in account and it will go up daily at an annual interest rate of around 4-5%, or about 0.01% per day. However, your bitcoins will be on a centralized site and you won’t have them securely in your own wallet. Does it pay off? We leave it to your judgment.

FreeBitco.in also offers a referral program where you are also rewarded with a share of what your referred users “click” or win. So you can earn and get free bitcoins by referring FreeBitcoin.io to your friends. If you have a website or large social media, you can also monetize it with FreeBitcoin.io.

Faucet SatoshiHero.com

satoshihero faucet

Cryptocurrency Faucet SatoshiHero.com has been operating stably since January 2018 and offers the opportunity to get free cryptocurrency using the wheel of fortune (Spin the wheel button) a total of 2 times an hour for 30 minutes.

For each spin of the wheel of fortune, you can earn from 3 to 250,000 satoshi, but unfortunately there is no information about how the odds are distributed. As with the faucet above, the minimum payout is set at 30,000 satoshis. Interestingly, you can order a withdrawal from Satoshi Hero not only in bitcoins, but also in dogecoins or several other cryptocurrencies.

In addition to the wheel of fortune, you can also earn satoshis by completing various tasks, which often allow you to earn thousands of satoshis – see the Offerwalls tab. Often it is enough, for example, to install a mobile game, click on an ad or fill out a survey. However, watch out for SCAMs that can theoretically be recommended here.

You can also take a chance and multiply your free bitcoins that you have clicked, earned or sent here from your own wallet. All with casino games and slots.

On Satoshi Hero you can also get more free bitcoin by inviting your friends and getting 50% of their earned bitcoins through the referral program.

Cointiply.com faucet

Service Cointiply.com is very similar to the crypto faucets mentioned above. Even Cointiply allows you to earn cryptocurrencies for free. Here, however, you do not collect cryptocurrencies per se, but their “coins”. 10,000 coins equal $1.

These include, for example, a sign-up bonus, the classic tap (the ability to shoot twice a day for 12 hours), displaying ads for 5-10 coins, fulfilling offers such as installing applications, and so on. The minimum payout is 50,000 coins ($5), and you can receive the money in the form of various cryptocurrencies.

In addition, you can risk your satoshi here and multiply them in games. In addition, there is a referral program where you can earn extra free bitcoins by inviting your friends and receiving up to 50% of their earned free cryptocurrencies.

Free bitcoins for playing games

It may seem unbelievable, but you can also get free bitcoins for playing games. The principle of operation is similar to that of bitcoin faucets.

There is a wide range of games to choose from, so there is something for everyone. Plus, it seems to be a win-win situation – placing ads in an online gaming environment seems to be a great way to advertise.

If you as a player don’t mind seeing ads a lot, you can enjoy the game and still be rewarded for it. If you have a lot of free time and enjoy playing games, the small prizes can add up over time and add up to an interesting amount.

If you are interested in this topic, we invite you to read our other guide, in which we explain how to earn cryptocurrencies by playing games.

Can you get free bitcoin? Summary

If you have read this guide to the end, you already know that the answer to this question is YES. There are tons of ways to earn bitcoin for free. You can, for example, stake your cryptocurrencies, earn satoshis from faucets or take part in educational programs offered by cryptocurrency exchanges. Using all these ways, you can get some pretty good pocket money in your cryptocurrency wallet.

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