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Hubspot: how can your forecasting software for sales and customer service help you?

By Dany Ortiz, posted on June 2, 2023

hubspot is an excellent digital marketing tool that allows you to automate processes related to inbound strategies. With this software, you can have control of different marketing actions in one place for which, in other cases, you would need different platforms. Hubspot has a lot of functionality for your teams, but in this case we are going to focus on Hubspot forecasting, a very interesting option for your sales and customer service teams that will help them streamline processes.

What is Hubspot forecasting?

Hubspot forecasting or Hubspot forecasts (in Spanish) is a tool that, in essence, allows the sales team (and specifically sales managers) to predict the state of three elements of the business:

  • The number of sales each member can close of the commercial team.
  • The recorded income.
  • The losses or expenses.

And it is that, carrying out sales forecasting exercises is essential in any company, since they help to make better decisions that direct actions on the right track.

What Hubspot forecasting, and other similar software, does is analyze and study past and present data to predict future situations. In short, foresight is the best ally to stop depending on instincts and start basing each business step on solid data.

In the field of sales forecasting, Hubspot forecasting will identify potential problems so that the company has time to prevent them. For example, this tool will let you know if your sales team is losing performance and show you data to help you figure out the cause and take action before it’s too late.

Benefits of Hubspot forecasting in sales

  • better decisions: With the team forecasts that this tool offers you, managers can instantly view the general forecast and that of each professional. In this way, each of the leaders can see how your equipment is performing and learn how it can help you to achieve your goals.
  • proactive company: the possibility of foreseeing future scenarios means that organizations are not reactive and wait for things to happen to take action, but it gives them the possibility of anticipate events and have an advantage over the competition.
  • Increase performance: the tool allows you to identify improvement areas to know where to focus your efforts.

Benefits of Hubspot forecasting in customer service

This software is not only designed for the sales team, since they are not the only ones responsible for the forecasts. The customer support team can also forecast their pipeline using the same categories as the sales team.

Hubspot forecasting features

  • possibility of view your entire pipeline at once.
  • Quick access to details to be able to discuss them with the whole team.
  • sample of early forecastsboth monthly and quarterly.
  • intuitive interface to be able to plan forecasts quickly.
  • functionality for monitor changes in pipelines.
  • highly customizablebeing able to change the forecast models and categories to your liking so that the tools adapt to the needs of the company
  • Viewing the full picture based on your own CRM. No more spending time exporting data in excel.
  • Detailed sales analytics that show the performance of the computer, so this software goes much further than just offering the overview of performance metrics.

How to use the Hubspot forecasting tool?

Next we will show you step by step how to set up a sales forecast on this platform:

  • Select the option Setting located in the navigation bar.
  • Go to the panel on the left in the section of Data management and click Objects and then in Forecast.
  • In section Settingselect a forecast amount.
  • switch tab pipeline for later choose the pipeline you want to use in the forecast.
  • Determine a period for the forecast and choose “quarterly” either “monthly”.
  • In section Assignment of forecast categoriesclick on the option Automate forecast categories and then choose the negotiation phases for each category.
  • Once you have it, click on Keep.
  • Go back to Forecast in section Sales from the navigation bar and wait for everything to be processed. Once everything is ready, you will receive a notification.

Learn how to set sales goals in Hubspot for your team

It is important that you configure this before following the steps indicated in the previous section.

  • Select the option of Setting in your Hubspot account.
  • Display the panel on the left, click Monitoring and analysis and then select the option Objects from the dropdown panel.
  • In the right panel that you can see, click on the drop-down menu where a list called Types of objectives and you can select the one you want. In this case we are going to imagine that we select Income.
  • Select the option create goals at the top right of the screen.
  • Write the name of your target. If we follow the example of Income, we must select Sales in the Category section and Income in the Type section.
  • Now click on Following at the bottom right of the screen.
  • Click on YeahThen in Collaboratorsthen in Equipment and, to finish, select the team for which you want to configure said objective.
  • After, choose the year and enter a target amount for each month of the year. You will see that it appears in the currency that you have configured in your Hubspot account.
  • Click on Following and, finally, choose the notifications that you want the platform to send you regarding the performance of the objectives entered.
  • Click on Ready and you’re done.

Which Hubspot packages include this service?

Hubspot forecasting is available in the Sales Hub and Service Hub package in the pro and enterprise version.

If you visit his Webyou can find Sales Hub Pro and Service Hub Pro from €441/month and Sales Hub Enterprise and Service Hub Enterprise from €1,180/monthboth for the same price.

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