Sharesies vs InvestNow: Which Is the Top Investing Platform?

As the world becomes more digital, people are increasingly looking for ways to invest their money online. In New Zealand, two popular investment platforms are Sharesies and Investnow. But which one is the best? In this article, we’ll compare the two and highlight the key features and benefits of each.

– Sharesies offers a user-friendly app that’s easy for beginners to use. They also offer fractional investing, which means you can invest in a company with as little as $5. This is great for people who don’t have a lot of money to invest or who want to diversify their portfolio.

– Investnow is a good option for people who want to invest in managed funds. They offer a wide range of funds from different providers, so you can choose the one that best fits your investment goals. They also have a low minimum investment of $250, which makes it accessible to more people.

– Both platforms have low fees, which means you get to keep more of your investment returns. Sharesies charges a subscription fee of $1.50 per month, while Investnow has no monthly fees. However, they do have fund manager fees, which vary depending on the fund you invest in.

Overall, the best platform for you will depend on your investment goals and preferences. Both Sharesies and Investnow offer great options for online investing in New Zealand, so take some time to explore both and see which one is right for you.

Hello everyone and welcome to my channel my name is Hank and in this video I’ll be comparing two of the most popular personal DIY investing platforms in New Zealand sharesies and invest now I’ll be going over four key points between the two different platforms interface range of

Funds fees and who the platform is most suited for now without further ado let’s get started Here I am looking at the sharesies interface now this is a brand new account that I started up and authenticated and funded all within one day so it is an extremely quick process

To sign up with sharesies and as you can see from the interface itself it’s extremely mobile friendly intuitive and very easy to use I can see my portfolio value here and I can scroll across and see my percentage returns and my growth of my portfolio over time now let’s go

To the invest hab so from here we can see all the funds that we have on offer let’s just pick this one here New Zealand top the D fund so the great thing with the sharesies interface is that you can see the price history graph of up to the last five years without

Going through a long document so I can check last year’s price history or the price free history of the last five years as we scroll down we can see that there is the dividend yield tab so a dividend is basically an interest payment from the company to the shareholders usually paid either

Quarterly or yearly so this fund pays its dividend in June and December and its dividend yield is 3.7 6% and dividends are how a majority shareholder of a company normally earn their passive income now down here we can also see the fees of the fund so this particular feed has an

Annual management fee of 0.5% now if we go back we can also go to the auto invest hab and for as little as $5 per order you can create your own investment portfolio from the list of funds that they provide let’s now take a look at the invest now interface so we’ve in

Best now you may sign up as an individual joint trust account or a company and you can also add other people to manage your account so for the interface itself it’s pretty good on PC but it is extremely mobile unfriendly with very tiny words if we go to the

Invest hab we can scroll through all the funds that are on offer and they have a very wide range of funds and in the second tab they also offer term deposits from different banks in the manage funds tab you can sort the different funds according to the fees

Their return over one year or they return over five year the main problem here is that they do not have price history graphs that you can see in the performance tab it’ll show your total return of your account since its inception in also your return for the

Previous 12 month and also for the previous month when comparing the two platforms in terms of interface sharesies has to come out on top due to its simplistic design and how you can access everything easily on the mobile not to mention they have a detailed historical price chart that you can look

Up in Mizner on the other hand its interface just feels outdated and it’s almost impossible to access everything easily on the mobile so shares ee wins this round you let’s look at the range of funds that shizzi has all on offer so currently shizzi has 26 different funds on offer

Which includes low-risk cash funds medium risk Australasian and international bonds fund and higher risk Australasian international shares fund jerseys has announced they’re in july 2019 they have partnered with the New Zealand Stock Exchange for trading of individual company shares on the NZXT a low price of around $2 and this is

Really great news because compared to normal brokers it’ll be significantly cheaper since the normal brokers may charge up to $30 per transaction for buying the individual shares invest now on the other hand offer more than 100 funds including all the funds that sharesies currently offer and not only

Their they also offer funds from big fund managers such as Vanguard a MP Fisher and others in addition to that they also offer term deposits from banks such as a and Zed B and Z in SBS when comparing the range of funds between invest now and sharesies invest now has

More than 100 different types of funds and that’s not even counting the term deposits from different banks that they offer if you are an individual stock investor chezy’s might be the option for you but for the majority of us invest now is the clear winner so invest now gets the tick here

When comparing the fees between sharesies and invest now jerseys offer a free account when your account has less than $50 in it if your account has more than $3,000 you are looking at an annual fee of $30 whereas in invest now there is no account for you at all

So invest now takes out this round easily who sharesies is most suitable there are small investors that can only contribute a small amount each time to their account sharesies may become a real game-changer when they allow the buying of individual company stocks on the new zealand stock exchange this

Means that if you are looking to become a more active trader and perhaps trade for living sharesies might be an option for you if that is something that you will be interested in I have included a link down below that you can use to sign

Up to share these yes it is an affiliate link no you don’t have to sign up using the link if you do use the link to sign up you will get a free ten dollars in your account when you complete your sign up invest now is best suited for

Investors that are looking to buy a fund and just hold it for the long term while minimizing the fees which really is the majority of us unsurprisingly in this comparison invest now came out as the winner due to its $0 platform fee it’s suitable for long term investors that just want

To buy a hole a fund and also even short-term investors that just want to start a term deposit sharesies on the other hand has a really good interface but the high fees makes it quite prohibitive do you currently have a sharesies or invest now account and what is your experience with them

Leave a comment down below if you haven’t already check out my previous video on what financial independence is in the next video I’ll be talking about websites and apps that you can use to help you monitor your investments so stay tuned for that please like comment

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Summary: This article compares two popular investment platforms in New Zealand: Sharesies and Investnow. Sharesies offers a user-friendly interface and allows fractional investing, but has higher fees for small investments. Investnow has a wider range of investment options and lower fees, but lacks a mobile app. Ultimately, the choice between the two depends on individual investment needs and preferences.

– Sharesies has a user-friendly interface but higher fees for small investments.
– Investnow offers a wider range of investment options and lower fees but lacks a mobile app.
– The choice between the two depends on individual investment needs and preferences.

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