Simple and Clean: Stellar Guide to StarkNet Airdrop – 2023’s Mega Drop!

Introduction: In this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through the step-by-step process to qualify and participate in the highly anticipated StarkNet Airdrop, which promises to be one of the most significant airdrops of 2023. With the potential to receive $STRK tokens, this airdrop presents a unique opportunity for crypto enthusiasts to engage with the StarkNet ecosystem and benefit from its advanced privacy and scalability features. So, whether you’re a seasoned investor or new to the world of airdrops, read on to discover how you can seize this exciting opportunity.

1. Eligibility criteria and registration process: We will provide detailed insights into the eligibility criteria you need to meet in order to participate in the StarkNet Airdrop. From holding specific quantities of designated tokens to completing the registration process, we will guide you through each step to ensure you meet the requirements and increase your chances of being considered.

2. Navigating the StarkNet ecosystem: Understanding the StarkNet ecosystem and its underlying technology is crucial to maximize the benefits of the airdrop. We will delve into the core concepts, features, and potential use cases of StarkNet, empowering you to gain a comprehensive understanding of the project. By familiarizing yourself with StarkNet’s unique advantages, you’ll be able to make informed decisions when it comes to the airdrop and potential future engagement with the platform.

3. Strategies for optimizing your airdrop allocation: Once you are eligible for the airdrop, the next step is to maximize your allocation of $STRK tokens. We will provide you with strategic insights, tips, and best practices to enhance your chances of receiving a higher number of tokens. From leveraging prior airdrop experiences to utilizing social media platforms and engaging with the StarkNet community, our guide will equip you with the tools to optimize your airdrop rewards and make the most out of this significant opportunity.

In today’s video I’m showing you exactly how to qualify for the starkware airdrop this will be one of the biggest airdrops in 2023 where you can earn hundreds or even thousands of dollars with probably just an hour’s work welcome back to the virtual awaken Channel where I teach you

How to build walls with crypto this guide is one of a five-part airdrop Series so if you’re interested in other airdrops like Arboretum CK sync suite and layer zero definitely check out those other videos Link in the description I mean what’s here to lose not much that’s the beauty of airdrops

Alright enough Chit Chat let’s get into it starkware is one of the Premier layer 2 scaling solutions for ethereum and many are anticipating a big airdrop that falls in line with the previous Big Air drops we saw in 2022. main focus of starkware is to build ZK related Technology Solutions for scaling

Ethereum related products their older product is Stark X already have a ton of big clients in the crypto space such as immutable X dydx is so rare Apex and many other big applications are all built on top of starkax in order to scale and as far as I can tell they

Scale pretty much infinitely now for the airdrop we’re mainly looking at the Stark net which is their version of a permissionless DK roll up so think of it as an overarching Network that uses the same ZK technology but instead of having individual clients who have Standalone applications you have this overarching

Network that anyone can use and Deploy on Stark net recently launched into mainnet so there are a lot of tasks you can do right now to potentially qualify for the airdrop so let me give you the full guide of all the steps I would suggest to do to maximize your chances

To get the airdrop let’s get into it so the first step to get the Star Wars Dark Knight airdrop is to get a metamask wallet this is because we’ll need to bridge some ethereum from ECR mainnet to the starknet network so I’m gonna assume you have this setup but you can go on to set up or if you don’t know how to you can find my Med Mass tutorial on my YouTube channel the next step is to set up a separate starknet wallet the best choice is argentex you need to do this because starknet is not compatible with the ethereum virtual

Machine or evm so you cannot use metamask with it just yet so head on over to slash Arch index and this is also a Chrome extension and the setup is just the same as metamask and you see I’ve set it up here same interface step three is to use the

Stargate bridge to transfer some ethereum from ethereumina to starknet so head on over to I’ll have all these Linked In the description and here you need to connect both your ethereum wallet which is metamask and the starknet wallet which is rjdax in this case then we want to send some ethereum

From ethereumina to Stark Knight so pick any amount here any small amount 0.001 should suffice and hit transfer and you’ll confirm the transaction and in a few minutes your ethereum will show up on the start Dark Night side if you’re a fan of starkware and Stark X you will

Love the Apex Pro exchange this is a completely decentralized exchange that’s unlike uniswap and others out there because it offers a completely Advanced feature set as you can see right here and this is completely decentralized you can access it directly from your wallet Plus Apex is actually built on top of

Starkware using the starkax technology as you can see they’re one of the top partners of Star Wars ecosystem and this is actually the official decks built by buy bit so you can trust that this is legit and have tons of liquidity so if you’re interested check out their latest

Trade to earn campaign where you can just get their native tokens by simply trading and depending on how much trading volume you have so if you want to sign up use the code bacon or check the link in my bio for 10 off your trading fees forever thanks and let’s

Get back to the video step four is to try the top decentralized exchanges on startnet as usual the easiest steps to try are decentralized exchanges because we all know how to use these they all come copy from uniswap So currently there are three major exchanges my swap

10K Swap and Jedi swap so go to each one I’m going to show you an example this is my Swap and you can see it’s connected to starknet mainnet and you see my wallet here all the same as unisoft so once your ethereum has arrived on the starknet side just select for example

Ethereum and then select usdc and swap any small amount over and confirm the transaction I know that’s it you’re done and if you want that money back you can use the same swap change direction and swap it back so go ahead and do this for all three decentralized exchanges my

Swap 10K Swap and Jedi swap on top of this you can also add some liquidity and withdraw it after if you want to take an extra step although I don’t think that’s necessarily needed I think you just need to interact with each decentralized exchange step five is to try the nft

Marketplaces on starknet so the two main places are mint square and so on both of these marketplaces you can mint your own nft by uploading any image and setting the name and description into whatever you want and this will cause only gas fees and on top of that

You can go to the explore page and pick any of the really cheap nfts and buy them you can pick ones that cost less than a dollar so I think that’s definitely worth it as well one main thing to watch out for is on the mint Square Marketplace make sure that you’re

Connected to the starknet mainnet here on the toggle instead of starting a Tesla or DK sync because this supports multiple networks okay step six which is the last step is to try this app this is an identity and domains issuer on starknet so first go to the

Website and launch the app connect your Stark Knight arginx wallet and two things we want to do here first we want to go to identities so you see these little characters that I own so mint your own identity by clicking the plus button then wait till wait a couple

Minutes for it to come out and also go to the domains section and choose any domain you want for example I own the virtualbagon.stark domain enter here see if it’s available and claim it for yourself and then once your identity is minted you can go on identities page and

You see these little buttons Discord Twitter and GitHub verification so make sure you connect your social accounts to it I think this will increase your chances to get an airdrop as well and if you have GitHub account for developer that’s even better and that’s it that’s

All the steps I would take to get the Stark Knight airdrop these are all the main applications that are currently live on Stark mainnet so now you’ve maximize your chances to qualify for the starkware and Stark net airdrop as you can see it’s not a lot of work to make

Yourself eligible and you don’t even have to put any money down just a bit of time maybe an hour’s work over a weekend and you could potentially earn hundreds or even thousands of dollars sometime this year when the token launches that’s the beauty of airdrops if you found this

Video helpful make sure to subscribe and also check out my newsletter on where I write to over 8 000 other friendly readers every week I talk about the latest Market events how does the narratives and my personal investing insights I also have the full written guide for this airdrop on my

Website already thanks for watching and see you in the next video

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