The 20 best CRM of the moment for your company

By David Tomas, posted on June 5, 2023

Using the right CRM for your company facilitates collaboration between marketing and sales and improves the relationship with your customers throughout their entire life cycle.

In essence, a CRM is software that stores all customer information in a single database: contact data, interactions with the company, demographic information, products purchased… When all this information is centralized, the different departments of the company can collaborate with each other more easily and guarantee that we are not missing any opportunity.

There are many CRM solutions on the market; As always, choosing one or the other will depend on the needs of your company. To help you with this decision, we are going to see what they are the 20 best CRM of the moment.

The 20 best CRMs on the market today

1) hubspot

HubSpot is a complete software solution for managing inbound marketing. It has several different modules to manage different aspects of your campaigns. Among them, the CRM is ideal to start with, since it is completely free and allows you to manage all your contacts and actions centrally.

Its main functions include organizing all marketing contacts from different sources, managing the entire sales process in one place, tracking contacts on your site, sending personalized emails, responding to technical support queries, adding forms and much more.

The best CRM of the moment for your company

2) Zoho CRM

In their own words, Zoho CRM is “a tool built for small teams with big aspirations.” Its free edition includes a full range of features for sales and marketing, integrations, and secure cloud storage. This makes it a very powerful option for small businesses that want to get started in the world of CRM.

3) is defined as the preferred choice for sales teams and SMEs”, since its users value the efficiency and simplicity of this CRM. Since its design is focused on closing sales, it does not allow constant data entry, so teams are more focused on just selling.

Its intuitive system allows quick configuration and adaptability to the specific needs of each business. In addition, it guarantees that no sales opportunity is lost thanks to its efficient tracking system, keeping teams aligned and sales in constant progress.

The highlights of are:

  • Focus on sales. Designed to drive sales closing without unnecessary distractions.

  • Intuitive use and quick configurationto. You can get the software up and running in minutes.

  • Great value for the price. Affordable plans starting at $10 per month/user.

In addition, integrates seamlessly with other renowned software and offers a 15 day free trialallowing you to experience its effectiveness without compromise.

amoCRM Image

4) Zendesk

Zendesk’s motto couldn’t be more appealing to businesses: “Sell more and better.” Its sales CRM is aimed at improving the productivity, processes and visibility of the pipeline of sales teams.

Zendesk has a free trial and different pricing plans, from 19 to 99 euros per month.

The best CRM of the moment for your company

5) WolfCRM

WolfCRM offers us a very powerful tool for our company and it is adapted to the commercial language. Its CRM program allows you to effectively manage customer relationships, offers a new method of work and process management. In addition, through the efficiency in the organization, the business rhythm is increased and at the same time guarantee a high level of customer satisfaction.

WolfCRM offers these CRM software plans:

  • WolfCRM Professional. Focused on a small company that is beginning to receive more orders and needs to control its system and departments.
  • Wolf CRM Marketing. The indicated plan for those companies that seek to attract a large number of new customers.
  • WolfCRM Business. For companies that want to level up and control every detail, from the user experience to marketing and sales strategies.

6) pipedrive

A software designed to help you sell, with a unique sales method to sell more with less manual work. You can set it up and start using it in a matter of minutes. Its workflow focuses on the different actions needed to get a sale and helps you prioritize them.

It has a free trial option, a basic plan for 12.50 euros per month and an advanced one for 24.90.

The best CRM of the moment for your company

7) bitrix24

Bitrix24 CRM describes itself as “a digital sales suite” and has multiple customer management, customer service, and marketing automation features. These are the most prominent:

  • Generation of leads from multiple channels, such as forms, live chats, calls or social networks.
  • Lead management with its integrated lead scoring tool.
  • Sales automation through different rules and triggers.

It has a free version and payment options between $29.40 and $119.40 per month.

8) ActiveCampaign

This CRM focuses on automation to help you prioritize leads and manage contacts, saving time and resources for your team. You can send notifications to your sales team, update operations, prepare tasks and nurture your leads automatically.

Its price ranges from $9 to $229 per month.

The best CRM of the moment for your company

9) SugarCRM

SugarCRM is a CRM platform that comes out of the box and adapts with the tools you already have. This makes adoption within the company much easier as your team will continue to work in the environment they are used to.

Its pricing plan includes different modules and options to suit the needs of different companies, starting at $52 per user per month.

10) AgileCRM

An all-in-one sales and marketing CRM with automated marketing options, call center support, social media integration, email campaigns, mobile marketing and more.

AgileCRM has a free version for up to 10 users and three pricing plans between $9 and $48 per month.

11) FreshWorks

This CRM incorporates Freddy AI artificial intelligence technology, which allows you to discover the best leads, encourage their involvement, close sales deals and offer customers a smart and complete solution. Its different functions are focused on attracting customers, capturing leads and finally closing the sale.

It has two different modules, Sales Cloud and Marketing Cloud. The prices of the first range between 29 and 99 euros per month and those of the second, between 19 and 99.

12) Monday CRM

Monday CRM is a platform that defines itself as “simple to set up and easy to use”. It has a tailored approach where you can select the features that interest you from a wide list, including sales pipeline, lead management, contact management, marketing actions and more. In addition, it has a system to import your data from other tools in just a few clicks.

The individual plan is free. The payment options range from 8 euros per user and month to personalized options based on needs.

The best CRM of the moment for your company

13) Keap

Keap is a CRM, sales and marketing automation software with features like pre-built reminders, automated emails, templates, predictive shipping and much more.

The price varies depending on the number of contacts and it has three different plans: Lite, Pro and Max.

14) WiWink

WiWink is an all-in-one platform that includes sales and CRM software, marketing, digital signature, and email marketing.

One of its most interesting features is the variety of prices available: a free plan, three pre-designed price plans (between 15 and 59 euros per month) and the option to design your own customized plan.

15) Net Suite CRM

NetSuite’s CRM software is focused on providing a 360-degree view of customers throughout the entire lifecycle. In addition to traditional CRM features, it also includes budget, order, commission, sales forecasting, and integrated e-commerce management functionalities.

The best CRM of the moment for your company

16) SageCRM

Sage offers you the option of choosing between a fully integrated CRM or contracting the Sales, Marketing and Service modules separately to suit your business needs. Prices start from 9 euros per user and month.

17) quickbase

Quickbase CRM is characterized by customization. Instead of offering a set of out-of-the-box features, Quickbase focuses on creating a flexible and agile platform for building your own sales software with custom reports, charts, and dashboards. Thus, you can share the information you need centrally with your sales representatives, managers, partners and other collaborators.

It is a premium solution and focused on companies of a certain size, since its pricing plans start at $600 per month.

18) Insightly

Insightly is a unified CRM platform that aligns your marketing, sales, and project teams around a single view of your customers. It has specific marketing, sales and project functions, as well as integration options with multiple third-party programs.

Prices range from $29 to $99 per user per month.

19) Capsule CRM

Capsule CRM is CRM software that keeps it simple while offering powerful features for lead nurturing, getting more sales, and viewing detailed reports on your entire process. In addition, it includes security features such as user permissions and two-factor authentication.

It has a free version and pricing plans range from £12 to £26 per month.

20) salesforce

Salesforce CRM software has different modules that allow it to adapt to companies of all sizes:

The best CRM of the moment for your company

Sales Cloud: to keep track of your customers from a unified view.

  • Service Cloud: Unified automation tools to streamline processes and serve customers faster.
  • Marketing Cloud: to create personalized experiences for each client and distribute marketing campaigns in various channels.
  • Salesforce Platform: to design and develop applications.

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