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Coinbase Wallet App is a user-friendly mobile application that allows users to securely store, manage, and trade cryptocurrencies. With its intuitive interface and robust security features, this cryptocurrency wallet offers a seamless experience for both beginners and seasoned traders. In this article, we will explore the key features of the Coinbase Wallet App and provide step-by-step instructions on how to use it effectively. By following our guide, you will be able to navigate the world of cryptocurrencies with ease and confidence.

– Seamless storage and management: With Coinbase Wallet App, users can effortlessly store and manage their cryptocurrencies all in one place. The app supports a wide range of digital currencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin, and provides a simple and intuitive interface for viewing and accessing your crypto assets. Whether you are a long-term investor or an active trader, this wallet app offers a convenient and secure way to organize and track your portfolio.

– Easy trading options: Coinbase Wallet App not only allows you to store and manage your cryptocurrencies, but it also provides seamless trading capabilities. Users can easily buy, sell, and exchange different digital currencies within the app, making it a one-stop solution for all your trading needs. Whether you want to buy Bitcoin using your fiat currency or trade Litecoin for Ethereum, the app offers a user-friendly trading interface and real-time market data to help you make informed decisions.

– Robust security measures: One of the key highlights of Coinbase Wallet App is its strong emphasis on security. The app utilizes advanced security features, including biometric authentication and multi-signature technology, to safeguard your funds and personal information. Additionally, Coinbase stores the majority of users’ digital assets in offline, secure cold storage, providing an extra layer of protection against online threats. With Coinbase Wallet App, you can have peace of mind knowing that your cryptocurrencies are kept safe and secure.

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Hey guys james here and in this video i’m going to go through setting up coinbase wallet we’ll go through the setup process and all the security settings that you need to know then go through sending and receiving cryptocurrencies from coinbase wallet and then we’ll go through the dapps browser as well

Amongst all the other features check out the video description for the timestamps of this video plus some extra helpful videos listed in there as well if you don’t have an account with coinbase yet i’ll leave the link there you can click that go through and sign up for a trading account

So that you can use that with your coinbase wallet coinbase wallet is completely free to use and it is made by coinbase but it is also different than coinbase and coinbase pro those two are trading apps and services that use centralized exchanges and custodian services it supports a good range of crypto assets

In terms of coin support though it doesn’t support as many assets as trust wallet or koinomi and for many people looking to buy and hold a lot of altcoins you may find the coin support lacking somewhat in coinbase wallet but you have some advantages as well including the ability to link up your

Trading accounts into your coinbase wallet so you can seamlessly send crypto currencies from your trading accounts into the wallet once you are into the app you have two options either restore a wallet or create a new one you can restore a wallet simply by entering the password or key that you have

And then you can gain access to that wallet we’re going to concentrate on creating a new wallet though so we can click that one and then come to the next page where you can pick your username other coinbase users can search for your username and send you cryptocurrencies using that

Rather than a long and complicated cryptocurrency address you do have to turn on public in your privacy settings though not a big deal for most of us but if you want true anonymity you’re going to have to go private you can change this in the settings afterwards though

Once you’ve chosen your privacy settings it will ask you to add an extra layer of protection to get into the app if you’ve got an iphone or an android smartphone with biometrics you can do that then it will ask you if you want to backup your wallet for iphone users

Anyway you can use icloud to store your security key the next step now is going through and looking at your security key this is 12 words that are completely random and these 12 words inputted in order is your password and your security key for the wallet i recommend writing those 12 words down

On a piece of paper that you can keep safely and won’t have risk of being lost or damaged in some way as long as you have those 12 words you can back up your wallet with all its assets on a different phone if you lose that 12 word key and your

Phone then you may not get access to the wallet again so be sure not to lose that 12 word passphrase once you have done that though you can get into using coinbase wallet now that we’re in the application let’s first come to the settings and you’ll see that actually your recovery

Phrase is in here as well once you’re in the application and you use your face id or touch id or whatever to link up you can come and see your recovery phrase and make sure that you haven’t made any mistakes with writing it down if you lose the piece of paper that

You’ve written it down on then it is in here but this won’t be of any use if you lose your phone because of course you won’t be able to come in and see it you can also come and change the default currency here so i’ve got it valued in

Us dollars right now you can change that to your local currency to make the cryptocurrency evaluations appear in your local currency also important is something called wallet link and i’ve actually got a decentralized application linked already here this is a really important feature though if you want to use the wallet it

Allows you to link up the wallet with decentralized applications or daps the best example of this is uniswap and that’s what i’ve actually linked here it allows you to swap cryptocurrencies on the ethereum blockchain so if you had some ethereum and you wanted to swap it for some wrapped bitcoin

Then you can trade them from your coinbase wallet in uniswop using their decks and you can link them up using wallet link it sounds complex but all wallet link allows you to do is use the camera on your phone to scan a qr code on the desktop application of uniswap or other dapps

And then it will link up your wallet to that that for you if you prefer you can of course just go back to coinbase and trade on there but coinbase is a centralized exchange and uni-swap is decentralized the next thing that you might want to do if you

Have coinbase wallet is to link up your coinbase account to it and you can do that we can actually come down to transfer coins so we can click on this and then we have two options transfer from coinbase or transfer from elsewhere let’s click on transfer from coinbase first then and

We can come in here you can actually connect your accounts you may or may not want to do this though if you have a trading account with coinbase then obviously it’s going to make it really easy for you to use your cryptocurrencies stored there and put them over to your coinbase

Wallet you’ll notice though that making that link also ties your coinbase.com identity to this wallet this may or may not be something that you want to do so just keep that in mind but we can actually click on connect a coinbase wallet and then it will go into a browser within coinbase wallet

And you’ll have to put in your email address and password this is the account that you use to sign up for coinbase once you have linked them up successfully you don’t have to transfer right away you can transfer later or you can click on start transfer to go

And see which coins that you may want to transfer into your coinbase wallet there are many coins that aren’t supported on coinbase wallet as you can see but if you hold any cryptocurrencies within your coinbase trading account they will be listed at the top for you

And then you can just click on them very easily and see if you want to transfer them in as an example if i click on ethereum right now this is in my coinbase trading account but you can come and transfer any amount that you want into your coinbase wallet

So you can use max and then it will take the max amount that you can transfer in you can also see the difference between the amount of ethereum and its value in the fiat currency that you chosen to value it in us dollars for now or you can just simply delete this and

Actually choose an amount so maybe i want to transfer 25 worth you can change this as up to you but if you just click use max you can actually go to continue now and then it’s going to show you a preview of the transaction the most important thing to note here is

The estimated miner fee now this is a fee that you pay the ethereum network to transfer coins on the network because coinbase wallet is actually separate from the coinbase trading accounts that you have you can’t use off off-chain transfers something great about using coinbase and coinbase pro

Is that if you use the off chain transfer method you can actually transfer cryptocurrencies without any minor fees that is because you’re using coinbase’s custody services and so they are sending it in-house with this though you are using the network and so you will pay a mining fee to

Transfer into your coinbase wallet at the current time ethereum fees are astronomically high you can see i’ll be paying just to transfer in 38 worth of ethereum i don’t want to do this right now because i’ll just be giving away six bucks but you can click transfer

Wallet and that will go through for you along with the next block of transactions in the ethereum blockchain as we come out of here though we can also click connect to elsewhere so if you want to receive some coins we can come down to transfer coins again or you can click

Up here on receive it actually opens the same window let’s say i wanted to receive some bitcoin i can click on bitcoin now what we are shown is the bitcoin address that we have associated with our coinbase wallet a cryptocurrency address is a long combination of letters and numbers as

You can see here or an easier way is this qr code the way that we receive coins is by having someone else send their coins to our cryptocurrency address we will then have to go to a different system maybe you’re using coinbase.com maybe you’re using binance maybe you’re using another cryptocurrency wallet like

Trust wallet or coinomi you’ll have to go and withdraw funds or send funds from there and of course you will use the address right here to send them to when you are sending coins just be sure to get the address absolutely perfect or if you’re using an application you

Can go in there press send open up your camera and scan this qr code you can actually share this qr code and address by clicking share address i’ve got an iphone so the iphone sharing options come up if you have an android phone the same

Will be for that you can then go and share that address and people can send you bitcoin or all of the other supported cryptocurrencies if you want to send coins to a different address a different exchange or a different wallet when you click on send and have cryptocurrencies in your account it will

Give you options to input cryptocurrency addresses one of the options will be to use the scan qr code feature you can click on this it will open up your camera then you can go and scan any qr code that you want to send money to you can see send money or

Connect to a desktop website if you want to pay for things using bitcoin or send any cryptocurrency anywhere just scan the qr code or enter the cryptocurrency address when prompted the next main feature of coinbase wallet though is the apps browser and you can press this icon in the middle

This is essentially a browser that actually connects to google as your home page for search it’s really easy to go and browse google and link up all of the decentralized applications that you want to use so if i click here i’m going to go and search for one inch exchange which is

A d5 exchange aggregator so i’m going to click one inch and then i’m just going to search in google and it comes up for me here i’m going to go ahead and click on one inch exchange and you can see that we’re basically using a mobile browser to go and look at the

Exchange you can connect wallet like this as well or you can come back and just use the google search engine to search for any decentralized app that you want i can also click in uni swap right here and it’s going to come up for me then we can get into uni swap

And if you want use that exchange and some decentralized applications can actually recognize that you’re coming from a wallet application and link them up for you you’ll have to see that on an app by app basis though but it’s nice to have this option in the wallet right there where you can go

And interact with a lot of decentralized applications right through your wallet i’ll leave some more helpful videos linked in the description for you with regards to the best cryptocurrency wallets do subscribe for way more helpful cryptocurrency content and i’ll see you in the next one

The Coinbase Wallet app is a user-friendly and secure way to store and manage cryptocurrencies. It allows users to easily send and receive digital assets, as well as to explore decentralized applications (DApps). With its simple interface and robust security features, Coinbase Wallet provides a convenient solution for individuals looking to navigate the world of cryptocurrencies with ease. In conclusion, this article highlights the key steps to effectively utilize the Coinbase Wallet app, emphasizing its user-friendly interface, secure storage capabilities, and support for decentralized applications.

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