Unlock the Secrets of the MASSIVE SUI Airdrop (Step-by-Step Guide) – $SUI Token

How to Qualify for the MASSIVE SUI Airdrop (Step-by-step Guide) | $SUI token is one of the most sought-after topics in the crypto world. SUI token is giving a massive airdrop to all its users, and in this guide, we will teach you how to qualify for this airdrop.


– SUI is a fast-growing token in the crypto industry, and their airdrop is an excellent opportunity for investors to get their hands on this popular token for free.
– Users can qualify for the airdrop by following some straightforward steps, which we will discuss in this guide. This process does not require any special skills or knowledge.
– By participating in the airdrop, users can earn a significant amount of SUI tokens, which can be traded to make a profit or held for long-term gains.

In today’s video I’m showing you how to qualify for the suite Network airdrop this could be one of the biggest drops in 2023 you could earn up to five thousand dollars with this airdrop if we look at its biggest competitor Aptos and its airdrop and the best part is it will

Only take you an hour’s work and will cost no money because Suite is currently not live and only live on testnet so make sure to watch till the end welcome back to the virtual bacon Channel where I teach you how to build wealth with crypto Suite is a new layer 1 blockchain

Made by the team behind the DM project which was meta’s blockchain initiative what really separates sweet apart from other layer ones starts with its move programming language which is highly similar to the language used in Solana but this is widely regarded as a developer favorite if you heard about

The move language before that’s because it’s also the language used by their direct competitor Aptos also made by the former meta Engineers Aptos launched in late 2022 with a huge airdrop valued at around two to five thousand dollars for each participant this has led many to beliefs we will follow this same route

You can learn more about the other four airdrops that I’m personally watching in 2023 with the link in the description anyways with sui’s potential airdrop coming in the near future let’s go through all the steps you need to take in order to qualify for this airdrop so

The first step is to set up a suite Network wallet so since Suite is an original layer 1 blockchain you’ll need to set up a dedicated wallet for it my favorite pick is obviously the official sweet wallet made by mistin Labs the official developers you can install this

It’s also a browser extension so I have linked the Chrome web store to the extension right here so the second step is to request some free tokens on The Suite devnet in order to interact with the decentralized applications you obviously need some tokens for gas fees

So luckily you can do this very easily just in the suite wallet so open up the browser extension then in the menus you see there’s a button called request devnet Suite tokens just click it and you’ll receive 0.05 Suite every time you don’t have to do a lot of it these are

Worthless tokens so don’t fly the network but it’s very easy to use step 3 is to play around with the cappy.art app this sounds kind of weird but this is actually one of the official apps that Mr Labs the team behind Suite made in order to showcase the nft

Functionalities and you can head on over to cappy.art and these are these cute you know nft copies so this was part of a holiday campaign over 2022 holidays and what you want to do here is first off go to your collection and copies and I already have one here but if you don’t

Have one you can actually mint a free one by just clicking the button alternatively you can also go to the copy market and see if there’s any you like and buy one these again are all free with the test net tokens and then after that I would take a bit steps

Further by either breeding the Cappies if you have two or you can shop for some accessories and then you can go into your collection go into copies and then each one equip the accessories that you have bought so for example mine has the astral suit this seems like a fun app

But it’s actually made by the official team you can see this on the I copy the r page so that’s why I think this is the first thing you should try out if they are going to include any interactions with any decentralized applications I think it’ll be this one first step four

Is to join the sweet Discord to request some sweet test net tokens from the faucet unlike what we have before which is on Suite devnet now we’re moving on to Suite to the suite test net so first join the official Discord with the link here and then head on over to the

Testnet faucet Channel and here you can see many people are pasting the same command so you want to do the same thing so type exclamation mark faucet and then paste your address there and then once the bot gets to you in 10-15 minutes you’ll get your Suite testnet tokens

Next go back to your sui wallet and go back to the menus and here you see the network so inside of the devnet we want to switch it to the test net so now you’re connected to the test net step 5 is to stake the suite tokens to any

Validator you can do this directly in the wallet so open up the wallet extension again and here you can see a button called stake and earn Suite because I have already some State I have a different text on here but click this button and click stake sweet and you can

See all the lists of the validators on here it doesn’t matter which one you pick just pick one and select them out and also it doesn’t matter how much Suite you want to stake so just stake any small amount and click stick now and you’re done so now you have officially

Participated on the sui validator side step six is to Mint an example nft so again on the wallet extension go to the apps page and there’s a big button called mint and nft so simply click it after a few seconds go to the nfts tab and you will see the exact example nft

You just minted okay step seven is to create your own nft on The Suite test net using the demo app this is different from just minting the nft because you’re essentially creating your own ft collection instead of minting from the example collection so this is also a

Demo app made by mistin labs to create this nft first we want to gather any image and upload it to uh somewhere hosted on the internet so we can use that link to link it to our nft so I would recommend using imgbb.com so go on here and start uploading any image you

Want then you want to copy the image link from the site that was just given to you and then go to this site that I’m showing you three dash wallet demo Dot suite.io and you can see this is very simple you give it a name description

And then you paste the image URL from earlier in here and you click create and this will create a new nft collection for you specifically once you do this you’re done so you should be able to see the same nft on your wallet nft page

Step 8 is to claim a suite domain name on the test net so it’s very similar to the ens domains on ethereum but there are currently two domain name services on Suite right now they are sweetness.io and SNS domains both of them claim to be official partner of sui although neither

Have been confirmed so so I suggest minting the same name on both to maximize your chances to get the airdrop so go to both sites then just search up your name for example virtual bacon and you can see virtual bacon.sui and virtualbagon.u are are both available so

I would select both of these and mint them for myself and I just have to set let’s say one year of registration period and register both the names same thing on the sns.domains website exact same flow usually the domain name services do end up being close partners

With the main Network so I think you should definitely do this because this will increase your chances to get the airdrop and once you have the names make sure to click activate name to link a domain name to your wallet and step nine which is the last step is to follow the

Suite token Community Access program so Suite has a program that rewards five types of early contributors to the network there are Developer grants and Suite delegations which are already live these are for more technical people on either develop a network or uh run a validator or run a full node for the

Network if you’re interested you can go on these Pages or check them out on Google alternatively there are also three other programs the Ambassador programs at University outreach program and educational program so these are not live yet because the network isn’t at that stage yet but I think sometime this

Year they will come live so you can find find all the information for on the sui website under the official blogs and I will pay close attention to these three programs because they are the official programs made by mistan Labs so if you’re non-technical but you still want

To get deeply involved once these programs get released you should try to participate in them because they pretty much guarantee you to have some tokens once the network launches the whole campaign is called Suite token Community Access program right so make sure to go on The Suite website to follow this page

And check up regularly and also follow the suite Network social media and that’s it that’s the end of the guide that brings us to the end of the tutorial so now that you know what the requirements are for the sweet airdrop it’s time to get started now because you

Never know when they’re going to take the snapshot and that will effectively cut off the date before you have to complete all tasks feel free to re-watch this video as you try and complete all the tasks at the end of the day it’s really not hard to qualify for airdrops

If you just commit a few hours of work and actually do it over a weekend and you could stand to earn thousands of dollars if it comes out this year so why hesitate if you want to find other ways to earn passive income with crypto check out my passive income tutorial Link in

The description also go on virtualbacon.com to find my free newsletter every week I write about the latest Market events how does the narratives and my personal investing insights thanks for watching and see you in the next video

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