What’s driving Luna Classic’s surprising surge?

Luna Classic (LUNC) has recently experienced a remarkable surge, causing it to skyrocket in value and potentially return to $0.01. This sudden increase has led to speculation and curiosity within the crypto community. In this article, we explore three key highlights that shed light on the reasons behind Luna Classic’s surge. From the growing popularity of the Luna ecosystem to an influx of new investors and a possible market correction, these factors contribute to the significant rise in LUNC’s value.

Luna classic is skyrocketing and going viral in the most hated rally one thing I’ve learned from Doge and Shiba is to never ignore a meme comeback story so watch till the end Luna classic loon C is the original Luna that no longer belongs to Terra instead it’s now run by

Its token holders The Loon sea Community introduced a burn mechanism which taxes 1.2 percent from every trade and uses it to burn the supply this has massive effects as loonsey has over 500 million dollars in trading volume per day which leads to 2.1 trillion tokens burned per

Month that’s 30 of the supply removed every month big exchanges like mexc and kucoin will support this upgrade CZ even said binance will support a burn as long as it’s fairly implemented on all exchanges fundamentally lunar classic blockchain is dead but if you treat it

As a meme coin it’s one of the most well-known in all of crypto it has a huge fanatic Community it’s still hated by whale investors and it has exchanged burning catalysts coming soon these factors combined can make a perfect storm like the shiba combat story

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